The Last Jedi Trailer [video]





There’s some very tantalizing visuals in this teaser.


Are these the journal of the Whills?  These are paper books marked with the Jedi logo.  We’ve never seen that in Star Wars.  The implication is that these texts are very old and rare.  Could they symbolize that Luke has gone back to the seminal texts of the Jedi and learned new insights?


Ray’s training with a Light Saber.  There’s no surprise here, but it’s a beautiful contrast to Luke’s training on Degobah.


Resistance(?) fighters going to battle against these (presumably) First Order walkers.


This is Kylo Ren’s mask destroyed, amidst other debris.  This could be the remains of a temper tantrum from Ren.  Could it symbolize that he is no longer beholden to his affection for Darth Vader (and, as such, no longer limited by this hindsight ambition)?


Given the lighted entryway at the top left corner, this shot seems to be Captain Phasma entering a bombed out hanger.  It is certainly not related to the immediate prior shot of Luke watching a structure burn while sitting next to R2.


These are some fantastic looking new capital ships.


Luke’s in a cave saying that the Jedi must end.  This sounds more like a statement rooted in fear than insight.



These images seem to indicate a light of conflict between the First Order and Resistance.  It also intimates a repeat conflict between Rey and Kylo.