I was that guy in high school who knew everything about Star Wars.  I mean everything.  In fact,  there wasn’t a question I couldn’t answer.  It was all fun.

I started this blog to recapture that fun.  We’re getting a lot of great Star Wars in the coming months and years and I expect to lose my mind over it.  Now you’ll be able to share in the my fun.

Some topics I tend to write on:

  • Science of Star Wars: Looking into real-world science and engineering developments on topics referenced in the Star Wars Saga
  • Star Wars Rebels
  • New Star Wars movies: Episodes 7+, Anthology films)
  • The old stuff: The Original Trilogy, Prequels, The Clone Wars.
  • News – though there are probably better sources of news.

A few notes on my writing:

I like to use quotes as I think it helps convey an insight or sentiment that a real Star Wars fan would get.  I tend to refer to the broad Star Wars Universe without referencing where a particular story or character takes place.  I apologize in advance for this and will endeavor to provide some citations on references.

Since we are constantly getting new Star Wars content (awesome), it’s hard to keep track of some of the new references.  I’ll do my best to articulate where some of the new stuff fits within the context of the old stuff.