Books: Legends Novels

The Star Wars Expanded Universe has some great Star Wars stories.  Though no longer canon, these Legends stories heavily influence the new Star Wars canon and are still great to read.

There are many Legends stories written over the last 20 years. Though this is not an exhaustive list (by far).  But I’d argue it’s perhaps the best of the EU.


Timothy Zahn Novels

For many fans, myself included, Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn novels are the EU.  The storyline and characters that Zahn created were the cornerstone to all other EU novels.  His books introduced Leia and Han being married, having three Force sensitive children, and struggling to build the New Republic.

The characters Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn are among the most beloved of any Star Wars characters (canon or otherwise).  Thrawn is such a powerful character that he has been made canon and integrated into the Rebels series and a new canon novel.

Title Timing Author Release
 Thrawn Trilogy
Heir to the Empire  Timothy Zahn 1991
Dark Force Rising  Timothy Zahn 1992
The Last Command  Timothy Zahn 1993
 Hand of Thrawn Series
 Specter of the Past  Timothy Zahn  1997
 Vision of the Future  Timothy Zahn  1998
 Additional Zahn Books
 Fool’s Bargain  22 ABY  Timothy Zahn  Feb 2004
 Survivor’s Quest 22 ABY  Timothy Zahn  2004
 Outbound Flight  27 BBY  Timothy Zahn  2006
 Allegiance  0 ABY  Timothy Zahn  2007
 Choices of One  0.7 ABY  Timothy Zahn  July 2011
Scoundrels  0 ABY  Timothy Zahn  Jan 2013


Stand Alone Novels of Note

There have been several stand-alone novels of note over the years.

Some of the best have been Shadows of the Empire, Kenobi, and Plagueis.  Shadows tells a story set after Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi involving Luke, Leia, and Lando infiltrating a criminal syndicate.  Kenobi tells the story of Obiwan’s early days in isolation on Tatooine, detailing his struggles as one of the only remaining Jedi.  Plagueis tells the story of Darth Plagueis and his training of Palpatine.

Title Timing Author Release
Darth Plagueis review*  67-32 BBY  James Luceno  Jan 2012
 Kenobi  19 BBY  John Jackson Miller  Aug 2013
 Shadows of the Empire  3-4 ABY  Steve Perry  May 1996


Darth Bane Trilogy

The Darth Bane Trilogy serves, in many ways, as the handbook to the founding of the Sith order.  Darth Bane becomes the Sith Lord who creates a set of principles to assure their order continued with only the strongest allowed to continue the order.  His main claim to fame is the creator of The Rule of Two that permeates all of the Sith tradition.

Title Timing Author Release
 Star Wars – Darth Bane: Path of Destruction  1000 BBY  Drew Karpyshyn September 26, 2006
 Star Wars – Darth Bane: Rule of Two  1000-990 BBY  Drew Karpyshyn December 26, 2007
 Star Wars – Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil  980 BBY  Drew Karpyshyn December 8, 2009


X-Wing Series

The X-Wing novel series features the exploits of Rogue Squadron (and Wedge Antilles).  It has created its own following of readers and features on aspects of the Star Wars Saga not involving Jedi and Sith.

Title Timing Author Release
Rogue Squadron Michael A. Stackpole 1996
Wedge’s Gamble Michael A. Stackpole 1996
The Krytos Trap Michael A. Stackpole 1996
The Bacta War Michael A. Stackpole 1997
Wraith Squadron Aaron Allston 1998
Iron Fist Aaron Allston 1998
Solo Command Aaron Allston 1999
Isard’s Revenge Michael A. Stackpole 1999
Starfighters of Adumar Aaron Allston 1999
Mercy Kill Aaron Allston 2012

Dark Lord Trilogy

Title Timing Author Release
 Dark Lord  19-18 BBY  James Luceno  November 22, 2005
 Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith  19 BBY  Matthew Stover  April 2, 2005
 Labyrinth of Evil  19 BBY  James Luceno  January 25, 2005

The Old Republic

The Old Republic Novels are stories based on the MMORPG of the same name. The detail the back stories of many of the game’s characters and timeline.  It particularly features Revan, one of the most popular EU characters.

Title Timing Author Release
Fatal Alliance 3643 BBY Sean Williams July 2010
Deceived 3653 BBY Paul S Kemp Mar 2011
Revan 3954-3950 BBY Drew Karpyshyn Nov 2011
Annihilation 3640 BBY Drew Karpyshyn Nov 2012