Spoiler-free Thoughts on the Rise of Skywalker

I just saw The Rise of Skywalker.

Net net, I really enjoyed this movie. There have been a lot of negative reviews of it and I think I also understand them.

On the one hand, this movie has all the Star Wars goodness. It has light saber fights. It has a rather simple, understandable plot that oversees all the activities. There are some very emotional bits that I didn’t expect and found surprising. There were some deep-cut weird Sith/Jedi beats. And since it knew it would be the last Skywalker story, there was a level of epicness that we’ve only really seen in Avengers or even Transformer films.

It was also a bit of a mess. They crammed a lot of things into this movie. It was like they took the last two Harry Potter films and crammed them into a single, 2.5 hr movie. Since it might be the last time we see some of our heroes, it’s the last time we get to see some things we always wanted to see. So they gave it to us. All the plot points and jumping to different planets happened incredibly fast.

And the various plot points may not be very popular. But they are what they chose. If this story was the plan all along, I think it merited some additional refinement. Some people may not like those choices, which is understandable. If you hate those choices, then you’re going to be disappointed with the various dimensions of the movie.

I didn’t like some of the choices. I feel like other choices were a bit lazy. I think our view into the characters suffered because the pace of the movie didn’t give us the time to explore them (the slow bits of Star Wars were always good for this). But it wasn’t uninteresting.

Sometimes it takes seeing a film a few times to really understand it. I certainly think I need a few more go-rounds to build-out my opinion.

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