Looking forward to Rebels Season 4

Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels could be its best and perhaps last.  We’re already very close to the time of Rogue One and Episode 4.  So what stories are left to tell?

What might we see in Season 4?

Part of me thinks and hopes that season 4 will be the final season of Rebels.  It could lead to some very tragic endings for our rebel crew.


The Fringes of the Death Star come to light
I’ve been watching Rogue One a lot lately (on Digital) and there’s a few pieces of information that the Rebellion already had prior to the start of this film.

  • Cassian knows who Galen Erso is.
  • The Rebellion / Cassian know that Jyn Erso exists and where she was being held, even under her alias Liana Hallik.
  • The Empire had found Jedha, took it under control, and started removing Kyber Crystals.
  • Cassian had heard of the Jedi and knew enough to ask Baze if Chirrut was a Jedi (without a sense of disbelief shown by Han Solo or Rey).
  • Saw Gerrera was well established on Jedha and the Rebellion had broken off ties with his group of Partisans.
  • The Rebels knew the Empire was taking the Kyber crystals from Jedha (just not what for).

There’s a lot here to work with and all underscore the elements of the Death Star plan.  It also fits nicely with the other data points we’ve already seen thus far in Rebels:

  • The Empire was transporting a Kyber crystal for some unknown use (Breaking Ranks Season 1)
  • Something was being built in orbit around Geonisis (that consumed the contents of its rings)
  • The Geonosians had been wiped out by the Empire using an insecticide.

Season 4 could go a very long way in putting together these pieces of information.


Mandalore destroys itself

The only inkling we have on what can happen in Season 4 is this concept art depicting a battle field with Mandalorean helmets bearing designs very similar to Sabine’s (and Fenn Rau’s).  We don’t see or hear anything of Mandalore in the original trilogy.  They are not a power that the Empire must contend with.  So it seems that its is destined to a tragic fate (perhaps taking Sabine with it).

This would be sad, but would also be another opportunity to illustrate Thrawn’s capabilities after having found the Rebel base and running them off Atallon.



New Recruits

There has already been discussion among the Star Wars Story group on how to bring Biggs Darklighter into Rebels.  We’ve been a bit too far out for that to occur just yet.  But season 4 might be the right time.

One idea that came from a recent episode of Brews & Blasters is that we could get the entire deleted scene between Biggs and Luke Skywalker on Tatooine.  This is a great idea!  Doing anything with Luke Skywalker is a bit off limits until his character emerges in Episode 8 (though we did get a tiny glimpse of a Luke running to Aunt Beru in Twin Sons).  But an episode that airs after Episode 8 featuring a young Luke Skywalker hearing about Biggs’ defection plans would be VERY interesting.


Kanan and Ezra

We don’t know if Kanan and Ezra die, but it’s clear that they are not a part of the Rebellion at the time of Episode IV (or Rogue One).  We don’t really want to lose them, but we don’t want anything to impact the original trilogy.  So what’s a fitting end to them?  My pick would be fighting the Empire on Jedha after discovering they were taking the Kyber crystals.  Baze made the comment “there are no more Jedi here”.  Jedha represents the final evidence of the Jedi.  We’ve also seen Kanan and Ezra consistently identify new sources of knowledge of the Force (Jedi temple on Lothal, Ahsoka Tano, Bendu). An episode on Jedha featuring Baze and Chirrut (or other Guardians of the Whills) on Jedha that marks the end of Kanan and Ezra would be emotionally fitting.


The Battle of Scarif

A great opportunity would be to see the Battle of Skarif from the perspective of the Rebels (or whoever’s left).  We already know that General Syndulla is stationed of the base at Yavin IV and that The Ghost was part of the Battle of Skarif.  It would be interesting to see what happens to them after this battle (or perhaps leading up to it).  I’m just not sure what happens after that.  It’s really only a few days until Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie show up on Yavin IV with the Death Star plans.  But they’re not part of the attack on the Death Star. So what happens to them after the battle of Scarif? So are they hunted down by the Empire?  Do they go and hide somewhere else?    Is this a story we need to see?

I actually don’t think we need to see this.  If Chopper and Hera carry on after the Rebel team fades away then I think that’s an appropriate ending too.