Star Wars Behind the Scenes Images

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Best Characters of Each Trilogy Era

I grew up watching the Original Star Wars Trilogy. My entire perspective of Star Wars comes through the lense created by these films.  It’s such a shock to me to learn that people grew up watching the Prequels; those were the first Star Wars movies they’ve seen.  We’re now fortuntely embarking upon an entirely new Era of Star Wars with The Force Awakens with all new characters, plots, and places. Continue reading “Best Characters of Each Trilogy Era”

Examples of EU/Legends elements that made it into Canon

When Disney took over Lucasfilm and embarked on developing a new set of Star Wars properties, one of the first things they did was to decide that all of the Expanded Universe contents were no longer “Canon”.  Meaning, they weren’t part of the ‘real’ Star Wars universe – only “Legends” that use similar characters.

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Science of Star Wars: Cloud City

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One of the more fantastical locations in the Star Wars Saga is Cloud City – the floating city above Bespin seen in The Empire Strikes Back.  It’s primarily a tibanna gas mining colony that is small enough to fall under the Empire’s radar.  When we first see it, it seems magical.  It’s just floating among the clouds, lit by the the nearby star.  It seems like a lovely place (though it’s leadership is a tad questionable).

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