Book Summary: Timothy Zahn’s Sagas

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Timothy Zahn is one of the most popular Expanded Universe authors.  His first trilogy – The Thrawn Trilogy – was (one of) the first stories that really pushed beyond the stories depicted in the Original film trilogies.  In Heir to the Empire (1992), we find our friends –  Leia, Han, Chewie, and Luke – about 10 years after the Battle of Yavin (6/7 after Endor).  We learn of other evil Jedi and fight the remnants of the Empire.  They really showed that although the Emperor and Vader were gone, there was still a lot of Star Wars to be had.

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Children of The Force

We all saw the special clip of Darth Vader speaking to The Inquisitor on the ABC Premier of Star Wars Rebels.  You didn’t?  Here it is:

“The Emperor has foreseen a new threat arising against him… the children of the Force.  They must NOT become Jedi. Hunt down this new enemy.  And if they will not serve the Empire , eliminate them along with any surviving Jedi who would train them.” ~ Darth Vader

This clip, though awesome given its use of James Earl Jones as the (rightful) voice of Darth Vader, seemed a bit gratuitous.

This is an interesting clip as it notes that not all of the Jedi are gone and it gives flexibility to Jedi other than Obi-wan and Yoda remaining.  But there’s a bigger plot line here that ties all the way back to an earlier The Clone Wars episode.

In Season 2, Episode 3 of The Clone Wars, Darth Sidious plots to steal the children of the force and turn them into his personal agents.

 “I forsee an army of force-talented spies in my service, trained in the Dark Side to peer into every corner of the galaxy from afar.  And my enemies would be helpless against such vision.” ~ Darth Sidious.

This is quite interesting as it brings new opportunities for plot dynamics in SWR.  Indeed, it opens the plots to characters such as The Inquisitor.

I think gives more insights into what we may see in the rest of Rebels and perhaps even E7, even if only thematically.  I can’t really speculate on E7.  But as far as Rebels go, it raises the opportunity to have several other Force-sensitive characters (dark and light).  There could be many more Inquisitors / Mauls / Savages or the like.  Even Obi-wan Kenobi wouldn’t necessarily be out of the question (given the tone of Leia’s message in E4, it’s clear she’s never met Obi-wan).

It also opens the door for someone like Bariss Offee to become part of the story.  This would be a great way to leverage the Bariss / Ahsoka betrayal from TCW to further push the Rebels conflict.  How great would that be?!

It would also raise an opportunity for… Mara Jade.  If we were placing bets, I’d say Mara Jade becoming canon as a decent bet, yet still unlikely.  She’s probably the most popular Expanded Universe / Legends character.  I think people like her as a love interest for Luke later on (could be a whole other back-story movie too).  But it would be cool to see a young Mara Jade.