Who / Where could we see in Rebels …

The first season of Star Wars Rebels is just about in the bag and it’s been a great ride so far.  Although there are even rumors that Rebels will only be around for a few seasons, there could be something bigger to come in this series.  What’s also been awesome for Star Wars fans has been the opportunity to see a world the reflects more closely to that of the original trilogy.  We’ve been able to see friendly faces in Lando Calrissian voiced by Billie D himself.  We even got a cameo from Yoda, voiced by Frank Oz.  I’m not counting that Darth Vader cameo… it was aweful. Anthony Daniels also reprized his (voice) role of C-3PO.  And was that the Tantive IV at the end of Droids in Distress? What characters or locations could we see that might be exciting?

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Reading between the lines of Star Wars Rebels…

If you’ve been watching Star Wars Rebels, you may have a bit of frustration on the scope of the action thus far.  We’ve seen a number of cute stories with seemingly innocuous plot lines. It seems that the Star Wars folks have been a bit conservative to (a) make sure the series gains and audience and (b) to establish the various characters.  But if you look closer, it’s clear that these first dozen or so episodes are setting up a very interesting, dramatic series.  Let’s look at a few things:

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There has been an awakening…

“Now that’s a name I’ve not heard for a long time.” ~ Obiwan Kenobi

I’ve had Star Wars my entire life.  I’ve seen every movie in the theater (including when I saw the original star wars an an infant in the late 70’s).  When I was very small, the best way for my baby sitters to get me to stay still or refrain from asking pointed questions was to sit me in front of Star Wars.  It works to this day.

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