Disney Announces more Star Wars coming

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Disney has made some big Star Wars related announcements at their annual shareholders meeting this morning.  In short there’s a lot more Star Wars coming in the next two years.  Here’s summary:

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Why Star Wars Rebels Matters

I’ve really enjoyed this first season of Star Wars Rebels.  In part because I’m just starved for new Star Wars content (although I’ll probably keep binge watching Clone Wars until I’m 90).  But mostly because it feels like Star Wars done right.  There are interesting new characters playing with some old favorites.  There is so much that is familiar matched with so much that is new. Continue reading “Why Star Wars Rebels Matters”

Original Trilogy Deleted Scenes

I’ve watched each of the original Star Wars movies hundreds of times each.  So I can tell if a anything in them is amiss almost instantaneously.  So when I see any deleted scenes, my hair immediately stands up.  There’s Star Wars that I haven’t seen?!  Floating around the internet are some of the deleted scenes from the original series.  They’re interesting in that they provide additional characterizations and characters that were cut.  But they’re also the chaf that had to be separated from the wheat – and for good reason.  Take a look for yourself.

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Not everyone in Rebels needs to die…

The thing about The Clone Wars is that we knew that most of the main characters were going to die.  It was inevitable.  We’d already seen where the story heads.

Star Wars Rebels, however, doesn’t actually have the same weight and can have some very different outcomes for its main characters.  Now that we’ve finished the first Season, we’ve gotten sort of attached to this new band of characters.  We’ve seen them encounter some of our old favorites too: Lando, Tarkin, R2D2 & C3PO.  But all the new folks don’t have to die.  Let’s see how.

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Fire Across The Galaxy

“The Rebellion is too well equipped.  They’re more dangerous than you realize.”

~ General Tagge

Shit just got real.

Tonight’s season finale for Star Wars Rebels was a big one.  It leaves us wanting more.

And we even guessed right on a few of our predictions from yesterday.

Here were three big events and take-aways from tonight’s episode:


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Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka looks… different

As we guessed, Fulcrum is Ahsoka.  But Ahsoka looks quite different – really unrecognizable.  She doesn’t really look like an older version of herself from the Clone Wars.  Even when I look at an old picture of myself from 15 years ago, I still have the same proportions on my face.  Ahsoka’s entire face looks different.  I think they need to go back and draw her again.


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Goodbye Inquisitor. We hardly knew ye.

Kanan wins round 3 with The Inquisitor

This was  perhaps the most important element of this episode.  Kanan finally faced his fears and fought off The Inquisitor.  When faced with defeat, The Inquisitor chooses death rather than having to, perhaps, face Vader again.


The Rebellion is serious.

What’s interesting in the two minutes we get, for a moment, a few of the other elements of the group of Rebels.  While still secretive, we can see that there are real resources behind the Rebels.  Having Bail Organa and Ahsoka involved gives a lot more credibility and scale to the realm of our Rebel cell.


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Darth Vader doesn’t play.


We only got a peak, but it seems like Darth Vader will take a more active role in Rebels.  This makes sense given that the opening to Episode IV amounts to his aggressive actions stalking the Rebel spies.

Rebels is also the last chance we get to see Vader be as badass as we want him to be.  We’ve only seen him have three light saber battles – Obiwan, Luke, and Luke again.  The Clone Wars was great… but that was Anakin.  We want to see Vader.  And I think we’re going to get him.


Ezra still can’t sword fight

But he at least gave it a try.



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