What I hope to see in Episode IX

It’s Episode IX speculation season. Here are my takes.

Let’s get into it.

A Proper Send-off for Leia

No elaboration needed here I think.

Kylo Ren Is Punished / Suffers

There’s talk of Kylo Ren being redeemed. I’m against this. For me, Vader’s “redemption” at the end of RotJ was rooted in the ethos of “love conquers all”. It was Anakin’s love for his son – or desired love for his son and daughter – was stronger than the Dark Side. This dynamic does not exist between Rey and Kylo Ren. There’s a #reylo faction that would like to see this. I don’t – and I’ve explained why. But the short of it is, there need not be a romantic or emotional connection between them (and I find it a dangerous message to insinuate one).

From a certain point of view, Tarkin and Princess Leia were equal adversaries in A New Hope. I think this is the better comparison between Rey and Kylo Ren. Each have their own set of power and influence and wield it accordingly. There’s no romantic relationship between them. Tarkin had Leia tortured and blew up her homeworld as an example to her. Kylo Ren kidnapped Rey, mentally interrogated her, and used her to kill Snoke and take over the First Order.

He’s made his choices and he’s made it clear what his motivations are.

I hope Rey cuts him in half. Vertically.

The Emperor’s Plan

Operation Cinder is perhaps the biggest plot development in Star Wars outside of the films. The Sequel trilogy makes no mention of it. But… since we’re supposed to get some kind of Palpatine in this film, I think some exposure/mention/adventure driven by The Emperor’s plan would be fun. My hope is that the scenes from the special look trailer from D23 showing a large fleet of Star Destroyers and the unveiling of a Sith Trooper are related to The Emperor’s plan.

Something about Rey’s parents

I don’t even think Rey’s parentage are important. I think one of the key points of The Last Jedi is that there are Force sensitives everywhere and in all walks of life. So that Rey had parents who were nobodies doesn’t really matter.

It makes far more sense for her parents to be “filthy junk traders” who sold her for drinking money. Ben Solo was born to the two people who saved the galaxy. And he turned into a monster. I think Rey and Kylo serve as polar opposites between light and dark. One was born with “everything” and one was born with “nothing”. They are representations of the two facets of the Force that remain in conflict. Who their parents are doesn’t quite matter.

But c’mon. A central point to TFA and primary motivation for Rey was that she was waiting on her family. It would be painful not to get some kind of payoff for this even if it’s tragic.

Rey-Finn-Poe adventure

These three are the most fun of all the new film characters and I really just want to see them all on an adventure.

Lando Steals back The Falcon

This only seems fair after what Han did to it.

Something cool with the Knights of Ren

At the moment, The Knights of Ren look like a bit of a nothing-burger. But it would be cool to see if there’s some compelling story behind them. This would seemingly only be needed to further characterize Kylo Ren’s character (which isn’t necessary after you kill Han Solo). But it would be nice to see something interesting.

A mention of Battu or the crew on The Colossus.

This is probably too much to ask, but having a reference to Star Wars Resistance and/or Galaxy’s Edge would be really fun.

That’s it for me. I’m not particularly intrigued with the Dark side Rey vision or if Lando is Jannah’s father. I’m sure I’ll enjoy whoever Zorii Bliss is – she looks cool anyways.

I’m ready. December 20.