What is Project Luminous?

What might project luminous be?

I went to the authors panel on the last day of #SWCC. It was one of the highlights of the event.

In this panel they announce Project Luminous. There’s been very few mentions of this in the broader fan community (though admittedly I’ve been too busy toasty current on the various podcasts et al). There are some theories out there. So what is it?   Here’s my speculation.

What we know….

Each of these authors are collaborating in parallel. This project isn’t structured as a kind of “divide and conquer” or event a collection of short stories. It’s its own thing that all of the authors are writing together.

They’ve met more than once in person. They went on and on about having visited Skywalker Range more than once and how beautiful of a place it is to write. I’m obviously jealous. But it also shows that Lucasfilm is putting a lot of money into making this project successful.

They seemed far too chill about it. I mean they were clearly excited about collaborating. But they weren’t mortally afraid to spoil anything. So my take is that the experience is most exciting for them than the material.

You can read what Chris Soule had to say about it:

I was there – we were there – for Project Luminous, and man, did we ever think. We also got to see A New Hope in the unreleased 4K transfer in the Skywalker Ranch cinema, which is an Art Deco masterpiece with perfect sound, screen, everything. (We also got to watch Empire on our second trip up there, which may or may not have happened… (it did).) Most of our time was spent creating Project Luminous, though – taking it from nothing and bringing it into existence. A really beautiful time, and so much of that was the rest of the creators I got to meet. The Lucasfilm Story Group was up there with us, as well as other LF execs, and everyone was focused on the goal of making the best Star Wars adventure we could. It was just a blast.

Chris Soule



Who’s on the project?

The authors on this project consist of a murderer’s row of canon authors:

A collage of cover art from each of the authors books.

Claudia Gray – Lost Stars, Leia: Princess of Alderaan, Master & Apprentice, Bloodline

Daniel Jose Older – Last Show

Cavan Scott – Dooku Jedi Lost

Justina Ireland – Lando’s Luck

Chris Soule – Darth Vader comic; Lando comic;

This is a very diverse group with different writing styles and across many different mediums.

You can see an interview from The Star Wars Show Live here (01:37:00):


But what is it? My speculations

My thinking is that this team is putting together a serial audio drama of significant proportion. Think of Season 1 of the Serial podcast but about Star Wars. It could be in an era that we know. It could also be a new era with new characters. I could also think it could be a preamble to one of the new trilogies or tv series that sets the stage for a new era.

I believe the first test of this audio format is Dooku: Jedi Lost. This is an audio only novel featuring a cast of voice actors for the cast. It’s distributed by audible – test of how its distribution power and reach. 

Luminous could also be a multimedia project.  In many ways Dooku serves as a prequel to Claudia grey’s Master and Apprentice novel (that Dooku being released two weeks after M&A being a strategic test). I’ve been reading / listening to them in parallel and the characters and storylines are all highly aligned. It’s been very well executed and it seems to have been distributed without a hitch.