Keri Russell joins Episode IX

We learned this week that Keri Russell is joining Episode IX. But who is she playing? 

I don’t know who Keri Russell is. She doesn’t appear to have been in any shows that are in my normal genres.  But she also seems to match the standard Star Wars heroin profile.

She’s also rumored to be in action-heavy fight scenes.  So who is she playing? It’s almost certain it’s a new character, but it could also be a known entity.  So who might that be.


A Knight of Ren

We’re still pining to learn more about that rainy vision from Rey’s vision in TFA.  Could she be one of the Knights of Ren?  This would be an interesting counter-point to Rey.


A Rebel Ground General

We haven’t really gotten a good ground battle in the vein of The Battle of Endor outside of Rogue One. So it would be interesting to see her as a ground general taking on a secret mission to, ya know… knock out a shield generator or something.


A Lost Jedi

Let’s get this straight – I don’t think she’s Ahsoka Tano. She doesn’t really strike me as an Ahsoka Tano character.  But it’s hard not to think there’s some lost Jedi out there.  Keri Russell is a tad young to be Ezra Bridger’s daughter, but there’s no reason she isn’t one of the Jedi babies Ezra rescued in Season 2 of Rebels.


A First Order General

She could just as easily be a first-order ground General.  If Captain Phasma is still around (which I don’t see why she couldn’t have lived through TLJ) she could be some kind of protoge. She could also be someone who takes over in Phasma’s absence.  But I would really be upset if they kill off Phasma – who we’ve been dying to see in a more meaty set of scenes – just to hand it to a new character.



This is a bit of a dumb thought so it’s listed last. At the end of TLJ, Snoke is dead and Luke is dead.  But we know Luke isn’t really dead.  He can still be a Force ghost.  This power is unknown (or otherwise inaccessible to the Sith). But Snoke isn’t a Sith. And we don’t know that he can’t come back in some contrast to Luke’s  Force ghost.  Could this Keri Russell’s character?

Meh, probably not.  But it’s fun speculating.




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