Solo: A Star Wars Story – Initial Thoughts [No Spoilers]

I’ve seen Solo and I have some thoughts… 

This film was fantastic!  It was visually very interesting, fun, fast-paced, and had a LOT of unexpected elements.

This film is reminiscent of other films written by Lawrence Kasdan: Raiders, Empire, and others. There are a lot of Star Wars elements that were presented rather uniquely. It’s fast-paced.  There’s a lot of action as well as dialog. The background shots of Kessel gives a new perspective on the size and scale of Star Destroyers. It’s a new take on illustrating the size and scale of the Empire.

This is easily the grimiest of all the Star Wars films and sets a new tone for the ‘lived-in’ look that Star Wars created.  The visuals felt as though there was very little CGI. There clearly was, but it seemed as though it may have been done more conservatively than in previous films.

This film touches on many film genres and keeps the visuals consistent with it.  The war scenes easily top Rogue One in visual intensity – though not in their emotional weight.  Many of the confrontation scenes have tell-tale visual cues of Westerns.

Speaking of Rogue One, there are a lot of Easter Eggs from that film scattered throughout.  They don’t seem out of place either. In fact, this film has story elements from many different Star Wars properties including Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Star Wars Rebels.  They’re not hard to see if you’re a true fan. And if you’re not, no big deal.

What I think I like most about this film is that it will let me think and feel differently about all of Han’s scenes in A New Hope, Empire, and The Force Awakens. It also gives insights into what we see of Han in The Force Awakens.

Chewie’s parts are awesome (more on this later).

The acting was pretty good. I certainly by Alden E. and Donald G as Han and Lando. Woody Harrelson is mostly good.  All of the creatures and characters were fantastic.

I obviously have more to say, but those will come with my spoiler version.