Ahsoka May Not Trapped on Malachor [S4E13]

World between worlds has given a glimpse of the force that we weren’t prepared for.  

In this episode, we see Ezra open a portal into the Jedi Temple that leads him to a… world between words – a place independent of time and space.  We hear voices from Star Wars characters future and past.  Most notably, Ezra is a presented with a portal that shows him the final moments of Ahsoka Tano’s fight with Vader at the end of Season 2.  Here’s a great video comparison:

Inside the WBW, there are pathways and doorways leading to… some other place / time.  It’s not quite clear what each droorway means.  But Star Wars Explained has some very compelling thoughts:

By the end of the Episode, Ahsoka and Ezra escape the  world between worlds – Ezra back to Lothal.  Ahsoka back to Malachor, shortly after her battle with Vader.

Several on the internet have stated that Ahsoka is ‘trapped’ on Malachor.  This may not be true.  In Twilight of the Apprentice, there were five ships that arrived: 3 from the Inquisitors; the Phantom; Vader’s ship.  Only three left: (1) Maul in one of the Inquisitors ships (2) The Phantom (3) Vader’s ship;  There should be two (at least one) Inquisitor ship still there.  It’s possible that the explosion destroyed them though they seemed like they were far enough away.  It’s also possible that Maul destroyed them during his escape.

So that poses some interesting possibilities for where Ahsoka could go.  If she’s alive during the Original Trilogy time period, we could potentially see new stories for her in the coming years.  Could this be related to what Dave Filoni is working on for Disney/Lucasfilm?

I can only hope so (though a close second might be a series that details the events referred to during the Ahsoka novel where she actively disrupted the activities of the Black Sun syndicate).