[VIDEO] Star Wars Rebels S4 Mid-Season Trailer

It’s here. 

There’s some interesting shots seen in this trailer that lead us to some interesting speculations.


We get our other two clones – Gregor, Wolff – back.


This is a fascinating shot.  We see the ghost crew and Kallus joined by Rex (in Stormtrooper armor), Katsu, Gregor, and Rider.  We even see Hondo… strangely.  Most notably we see that Governor Price has been captured.


Kanan cuts his hair.  It’s perhaps something symbolic.  He seems as though he has a purpose.


This mural that illuminates depicts the Father, Daughter, and Son from the Mortis arc from The Clone Wars.  This is an interesting reference as it could also insinuate that something very strange could happen to Ezra and Kanan that we may not have considered.  When matched with the earlier statements that Lothwolves haven’t been seen in a hundred years, it’s not inconceivable that Ezra and Kanan could disappear for 100 years (or until they’re needed again).



This is the Emperor inside of Blue Fire, similar to what we’ve seen in Season 6 of The Clone Wars.  We also know that Ian McDiarmid did the voice this time, so we can expect something marvelous.


Who is the hologram?  At first glance, it could be The Emperor.  That would be very fine and interesting.  But it could also be Ahsoka.  Or Obi-Wan.  Or someone new.