The Last Jedi Boxoffice is tracking closer to Rogue One than TFA

The Last Jedi is coming in second to The Force Awakens. 

This isn’t a surprise either.  The Force Awakens was the movie no one knew we’d ever see.  So there was a broader set of interest for it.  Rogue One proved that a spin-off film could be highly successful grossing over $1 Billion in worldwide box office.  The Last Jedi is tracking between those two films, but closer to the sales of Rogue One.


My guess for opening box office – $215 Million – turned out to be pretty close to the $220 Million.  I was closer on TFA’s opening and completely off for Rogue One‘s.

I’m still waiting to see if my gross box office prediction of $1.7 Billion holds up.  It has already passed $1 Billion before Dec 31, 2017.