Star Wars: The Last Jedi Initial Thoughts [no spoilers]

This will be short.  No spoilers except my own feelings for whatever those are.

There’s so much in this film that it’s hard to process it all.  But here are some initial thoughts.

  • This film is beautifully shot.
  • This could be two entirely separate films that both would be individually awesome.
  • The film packs a LOT into its run time and it keeps its pace throughout the film.  I had to go to the bathroom after the first 20 minutes but I was able to hold on through the entire film – it never slowed down.
  • RE: fast pace: I’ve only seen it once so this might change a bit, but in keeping its pace, I felt as though I wasn’t feeling as many of the special moments.  But there were a LOT of special moments and we needed to have some time with each of them.  A few of them may have been rushed.
  • There’s some real interplay between good/evil, dark/light that I think brought a new dimension to the saga.
  • There’s a lot that wasn’t in the film that we’re still left to question (which is fine, but I hope we get the answers some other way).
  • It’s not going to go the way you think….
  • 1 spoiler: Gareth Edwards is in it.

I have to see it 1 or 6 more times before I can talk about it definitively.