This is not going to go the way you think – Thoughts on TLJ Trailer

The Last Jedi trailer was very emotional and provocative.  But I think there’s more to what they’re letting on. 

General Thoughts

The film is beautiful.  The color pallet seem to be a part of the story telling with Red indicating a persistence of the dark side in all things.

The CGI and action scenes seem incredibly well done.  I suppose that’s the quality you can get if you don’t rush.

There appears to be some great dialogue and individual moments among the characters in this film.  It’s perhaps the part of the film that I’m most looking forward to.  The facial expressions in this trailer are all very striking.  We see fear, doubt, determination, and anger from all of our leading characters and a Porg.

Lastly, I guessed that this trailer would feature Snoke & Kylo Ren as a counterpoint to the first Teaser Trailer with Luke providing voice over.  Just as we get Luke’s “It’s time for the Jedi to end”, we get Snoke saying (to Kylo?) “Fulfull your destiny.”


Luke is Shook

There’s a lot of context missing in many of his statements, but man, is Mark Hammill putting together a fantastic performance in this film.  

We’re getting a lot of emotion with Luke and his interactions with Rey seem to be very layered.

I suspect that the one time he’s seen that kind of raw power before was either (a) Kylo (b) Snoke or (c) the Emperor.  Remember, Luke never matched up against the Emperor.


No.  No. No. No.

The action scene with Kylo flying his fighter intimates that his intention is to kill Leia.

I’m not here for that.

It would make sense given Kylo’s monologue indicating that he should kill what came before him so that he can become what is meant for him. This feels analogous to Vader killing off all remembrances of Anakin Skywalker (yet failing to kill his son who wouldn’t turn to the Dark Side).


Finn is Serious

Finn seems like something big is going to happen with him.  How do I know – the way Phasma took out whatever was behind her with her staff (meaning something important to him was behind it) seemed like serious business.

We didn’t see much Canto Bight or Rose in this trailer.  So that tells me that Finn might need to be rescued from the First Order.  Or that he faces some kind of reconning.  But whatever it is, it’s epic.


Poe Dameron is Leading

Poe seems like he’s having to go through a lot of challenges, but he seems like he’s making it through and starting to lead the fight against the First Order.

And then there’s this from Ryan Johnson.

Rey v Snoke?

The one quick shot we get of Rey floating with Snoke behind her was a tantalizing tease.   Is this akin to The Emperor hitting Luke with the Force Lightening 2-piece?  Is Kylo (or Luke, or Leia) present and forced into making a choice?  There’s so many questions from this quick snippit.



The last segment intimates Rey and Kylo teaming up.  I think this is a false lead.

This “interaction” appears to be two different shots that puts a stamp on what each of their journey’s are going to be about.  Rey’s monologue seems like a continuation of her lines at the beginning.  She’s sitting in what looks like a cave.  Kylo Ren is standing somewhere with burning embers falling all around him.  Those aren’t present with Rey.  So I suspect that’s just Lucasfilm trolling the ReyLo fans.


While you’re here, a quick question: You like suits?  These are my favorites.