I think we can say the Han Solo film isn’t in reshoots

The re-shoots started July 10.  It’s August 19 and we’re still getting new teases from Ron Howard. 

When Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired from the Untitled Han Solo film, it wasn’t clear how much of what they shot was usable.  It’s been over a month since Howard started the “re-shoots” and we keep getting new, and varied shots.

This seems like a lot more than a few shots here and there to solidify specific story points.  I think they’re doing quite a lot of original shots.

It also seems like we’re going to get a lot of Chewie and a lot of Lando.

Lucky for us, Ron Howard is giving us just a few tastes here and there to keep us excited.  But there’s so many different views here that I don’t think these can be considered re-shoots.  They’re just filming the movie.

lining up a shot today from my director's monitor

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