Thoughts on Rey and why Luke is on Ahchto

Episode 8 is (supposedly) going to begin with Rey and Luke on Ahch’to.  Our hope is that we find out why Luke vanished to this far-off planet.

Entertainment Weekly recently released exclusive photos and commentary about the upcoming Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.  In one story, they discuss Luke’s choice to run away from it all and settling on Ahch’to.  They don’t give any answers, but it gives enough thoughts for us to perhaps take another take on why Luke has left everything behind.



One thought is that Luke is just Sulking.  This isn’t a very flattering view of our Star Wars hero.  But the EW articles indicate that Luke may have thought that Kylo Ren was really the chosen one and his turn to the Dark Side (and killing the Jedi students) was devastating to Luke.  But is this enough to keep him in hiding?

This may be accurate, but it may not be a complete view.  Let’s recall during Luke’s training on Degobah, he could see his friends’ pending capture and torture (“they’re in pain”).   Luke must have sensed the same when Han confronted Kylo/Ben (and perhaps also Lor San Tekka and others).  And yet he remained in hidnig.  Why?  The reason to stay on Degobah is to prevent him from being captured or killed by Vader.  Why would his capture / death by saving Han Solo be so important enough to stay?  It would seem like a reasonable way for a depressed Luke to die honorably.


It’s possible that Luke is waiting.  He may not even know why.  But sometimes just obeying is the right thing to do.  But what is he waiting for?

We get more clarity about why Yoda was on Degobah after he loses to the Emperor and has the future of the force revealed to him.  He was waiting for Luke… presumably (I mean, what was he going to do if Luke got hit by a bus or whatever constitutes a bus on Tatooine).

So it’s possible he’s waiting for Rey.  His (reported) disinterest in teaching her isn’t necessarily any different than Yoda’s frustration with Luke.

But c’mon.  We know he’s going to train her.  The real question is what the broader story behind Rey is.  After Episode IV, the burning question for Luke is who was his father.  He never knew his real story until Obiwan told him he was once a Jedi Knight.

So what’s Rey’s deal? That’s what I hope we get in Episode VIII.


Who Is Rey?

The key to all of this is Rey.  What is her destiny?  Luke being Vader’s son was the plot twist of the century.  But what’s a suitable plot twist behind Rey?  Is Snoke her father?  Is she the chosen one?

I suspect that there’s nothing really behind her parents.  But I suspect her ending up on Jakku was intentional.  “The girl” meant something to Kylo Ren.  He has heard of her and is afraid of her.  That has a lot of significance.

I think the “awakening” was Rey becoming aware of her connection to the Force.  Though her parents may not be very significant, her presence and powers have been foreseen.

From one perspective, Anakin was created by the Force to destroy the Sith as it was the will of the Force for the Sith to destroy the dogmatic, self-serving Jedi.  That has been done.  But the struggle between the Dark and the Light persists.  So it seems to me that Rey’s destiny is to be someone who represents all of the Force – a la the Avatar from The Last Air Bender.   She may be the one who reinvigorates the Jedi from something dogmatic to an order that serves the Force.

So what, then, is Kylo Ren’s destiny?


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