Questions Resulting from Rogue One

One of my favorite things about Star Wars movies is that there are so many questions left at their end.  With The Force Awakens we all asked “Who is Snoke?”  “Who are Rey’s parents?” “How could Luke just leave?”  Rogue One left us with some questions as well.

By comparison, Rogue One left us with very few questions.  The Death Star plans got to the Rebels and everyone involved was killed.

Here are my top questions:

Was Lyra Erso connected to the growing Church of the Force (or some branch of it)?

Lyra Erso wore similar robes to those of Chirrut Imwe and Lor San Tekka from The Force Awakens.  Her last words to Jyn were “trust in the Force” as she gave Jyn her Kyber Crystal necklace.  We know that Rogue One: Catalyst mentions her ability to “feel” the Force, though not use the force.  So was she connected to some growing church of the force movement?  The Visual Guide is vague on this so it begs the question about how this movement took hold.


How many Guardians of the Whills Are there in the Galaxy?

The Guardians of the Whills seemed like a kind of “Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword” from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  So how many Guardians are there throughout the galaxy? Have we seen them before (in The Clone Wars)?  Were there any on Lothal?

We have the recently-released book Guardians of the Whills by Greg Rucka that gives us more of


What exactly does Kyber crystal refining entail and why did they have to go to a rainy planet?

Eadu is presented as the Kyber refining facility.  We also learned from Catalyst that Galen Erso had found ways of refining the difficult to work with crystal.  But what exactly

How many more Death Troopers are there?  

Why did only Krennic have them?  Did this reflect a fear within Krennic?  The Death Troopers showed themselves as being adept fighters (more so than traditional storm troopers which is a bit of an overblown meme).  In fact, they were a little too cool for an upper middle-manager like Krennic.

We’ve even seen Death Troopers with Grand Admiral Thrawn.  That much I understand.  But why does an upper-middle manager like Krennic get his own set?


There are remaining plot elements as well:

Why did the Alliance Council get cold feet all of a sudden?  They had a hanger full of fighters and they had skurmishes with the Empire all over the galaxy up to that point.  Why, in the face of information about the Death Star, did they back down?  Why did they attack the Death Star in EpIV anyways?  Because it was going to destroy Yavin IV and they had to do something (they could have still run)?  Because the Emperor had dissolved the Senate?

Answer: “You see the after effect of [Thrawn’s victory] in Rogue One,” Filoni said at Star Wars Celebration. “They’re really hesitant to actually fight. It takes a lot to draw them out because they lost.”

Why didn’t the Rebels try to rescue the ground soldiers on Scarif?  Rescuing survivors on the surface of Scarif would have been a straight forward mission for the Ghost Crew.  So… why didn’t that happen?  At least try?