Zahn at Google

Timothy Zahn speaks at Google.


This is a very interesting and revealing talk with Timothy Zahn, author of Thrawn (spoilers), the Thrawn Trilogy and many other Legends EU story.

Perhaps the most poignant take away was Zahn’s quoting of the Star Wars Story Group’s Leeland Chee: Everything in Star Wars is someone’s favorite.  It underscores the care with which they approach creating new Star Wars stories while not disparaging the Legend stories.

What was particularly interesting were his comments contrasting how Lucasfilm coordinated (or didn’t) work across mediums (Comics, Video Games, Books, etc).  The Star Wars Story Group seems like they’re providing a level of clarity and organization not seen during the previous regime.  I think the books reflect this organization and continuity.

Zahn also says he has ideas for 2 more stories in mind that’s working its way through Lucasfilm.

Live is good.