Let’s take a closer look at that Rebels Season 4 Trailer

There’s some interesting shots in this latest Rebels trailer.



Chopper and Hera are in X-Wings.  This is the first set of X-Wings we’ve seen in Rebels thus far.  BTW, where are they going?


This looks like Hera is running through one of the Death Star (supposedly) construction modules and perhaps jumps to light speed.  More awesome Hera is always welcome.


This is just a beautiful shot of Mandalorians attacking this spherical station.  It’s very reminiscent of the Geonosian ships from Episode II.  Is that what this is?  A hold-out Geonosian ship landed… somewhere?




This white wolf really stood out in the trailer.  What is also interesting is that it appears Ezra is riding it along with an unconscious Sabine.  It seems as though they are on Lothal (typically populated by cats BTW).  So… what’s going on here?  Something significant happened and it appears Ezra, Kanan, and this wolf (Ahsoka??) were needed urgently.


The Massassi temple on Yavin IV is always an awesome sight.  It also shows… our Rebels have arrived.



More. Death. Troopers!


Overall, this looks very promising of Season 4. I suspect that the pace of the story will pick up and things are going to get real dire real quick.