Science of Star Wars: Ringed Planets

We’ve seen more ringed planets in Star Wars lately.

Rings are actually a common occurrence around planets.  But in Star Wars they come at a premium.  Lah’mu, D’Qar, and Geonisis all play a critical role in the Star Wars Saga.

We humans have done extensive investigation in to our solar system’s most famous ringed planet, Saturn.  Saturn’s ring system is very complex and ever changing.  Most recently, our stalwart scientific mission, Cassini, passed through Saturn’s rings to get a first hand view of these rings.

This high risk objective came back successful (it didn’t get destroyed) with a ton of interesting images.

Our solar system has several ringed planets, though none more spectacular than Saturn’s which can be seen with a small telescope.  Uranus, Jupiter, and Neptune all have rings of various sizes.

The origin of rings vary and are still a topic of study for each planet.  There are theories that indicate that Saturn’s rings could be from an icy moon that failed to form due to Saturn’s gravity.


Our favorite ringed planets in Star Wars:

Lah’mu (Rogue One)


D’Qar (The Force Awakens)



Geonosis (Attack of the Clones)