Star Wars Rebels: Twin Suns [S3E20]

Twin Suns is one of the most meaningful episodes of Rebels, if not the entire Star Wars saga. Synopsis

Maul uses Ezra to draw out Obiwan Kenobi on Tatooine.  Maul eventually finds Kenobi and confronts him.

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This is one of the best Star Wars stories we’ve seen.  We get a full-dose of Tatooine: Sand People; The Dune Sea; Twin suns; Twin moons; Dewbacks; and a certain homestead.

This episode stands apart not just for its familiar environment, but because of a series of personal moments between characters.  Hera’s talk with Ezra underscores how grave the rebels current state is and how much they’re relying on Ezra.  Obiwan’s interactions with Maul show him as a true Jedi Master.

We also see a critical moment for Ezra’s development as a Jedi.  Ezra’s crossing the sands was a telling trial for Ezra.  It shows that he’s easily manipulated by Maul, even to his own peril.  This is, in many ways, the nature of being a Sith Apprentice that we’re seeing in this episode.

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One great moment is when Ezra asks Chopper if he can see Maul (similar to a scene from A Beautiful Mind).  It is Ezra’s despair at Chopper’s malfunction and being lost in the middle of the desert that Maul wanted.  When contrasted with his trial from Season 1 (Path of the Jedi) he fails at this trial.

Obiwan’s talk with Ezra is prophetic in a way that only Kenobi can be.

Maul used your desire to do good to deceive you. And in doing so he has altered the course of many things.  He knos your fears, your heart and he manipulated the truth which has led you here, where you should have never have been.

Of course, Kanan told Ezra this before he behaved so rashly.  But sometimes you have to learn it the hard way – especially Ezra.  Ezra finally accepts that though he has a strong desire to do good, he also has a destiny to which he should be true.

Another fantastic moment is in Obiwan’s confrontation with Maul, he never reaches for his light saber, even after Maul threatens him and acts bombastically.  In martial arts,

The most prophetic line of the episode comes from Maul, after falling to Kenobi.

He will avenge us.

It is telling – The Emperor betrayed both the Jedi Order and Maul himself.  It is perhaps the one tie that binds Kenobi and Maul, despite their lives been intertwined.

More telling, though, is the compassion that Kenobi shows towards Maul, holding him in his arms as he dies.


Tatooine looks rather beautiful in this episode.  We see its blazing heat.  We see a cold night desert.  It’s beautiful looking scenery for a hard planet.  It is reminiscent of the harshness described on Jakku in Empire’s End – one that molds everyone who experiences it.  We see Maul nearly succumb to it.  We see Ezra and Chopper nearly die in its midst’s.  But Obiwan appears at home.  That’s very telling of his character.

We had some great sound effects in this episode as well.  We get sounds of the Sand People.  We hear Dewback sounds.  We hear Aunt Beru calling for Luke.

And perhaps the most masterful performance comes from Sam Witwer and Stephen Stanton.  Their voice acting is just a joy. Stephen Stanton sounds the most like Alec Guiness than any other actor.

And.. we finally get to see Luke briefly.








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