Double Agent Droid [S3E19]

Short Story: Don’t mess with Hera’s Droid 


Chopper is compromised by Imperials during an undercover mission to steal clearance codes needed for the Rebels’ attack on Lothal.  AP-5 notices Chopper’s strange ‘polite’ behavior and knows something is wrong.  However, Wedge ignores his pleas, as do the rest of the ghost crew. An Imperial Listening ship take control of Chopper and use him to try and find the location of the Rebel base.  However, though her own cunning/paranoia, Hera took proper precautions.  Once she alerts the Ghost crew that Chopper has been compromised, The Imperials fight back and try to kill of the Ghost crew.  AP-5 manages to free the crew and help them subdue Chopper.  Hera decides to send the Imperials a message: “Don’t Mess with my Droid” and destroys the Imperial listening ship.

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Some folks didn’t like this episode, but I loved it.  It had everything that you want from a story: mystery, betrayal, danger.  The Imperials very nearly kill the entire crew of the Ghost through blowing them out of an airlock.  The managed to download about half of the logs from the Ghost’s hyperdrive.  They also figured out how to identify Chopper.  Those are significant odds that nearly wiped out our Rebels crew.

But AP-5 was signing and there were references to musicals in the dialog.  And some people are mad. This isn’t the first time Star Wars has been weird.

Wedge also appeared in this episode as an Imperial pilot (maybe they only have models of him as an Imperial).  But they also show him to be a bit of a doofus.  Really?  I guess so – we don’t actually see a lot of Wedge in the films.  We just didn’t think he was like this.  But maybe.  Of course he did bail out in the Battle of Yavin; he also exclaimed “Ooh-ah… that got him!” in Empire.  So maybe.

This episode was also another opportunity to see more Lobot-like characters.  We see an entire ship of neurologically altered Imperials (such as Zeebo from Season 1) who are hyper connected to the Imperial network.  That proved to be a real threat to the Rebels – and may yet prove to be an important piece of information for Thrawn in the Battle of Lothal.

Perhaps my favorite part of the episode: a pissed of Hera deciding to lash out at the Imperials.  This isn’t the first time we’ve seen her go to extremes.  She did blow up her family’s home just to get rid of the Imperials – a piece of information that Thrawn took close note of. But this is the first time we get an idea of how much she cares about Chopper.

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