Through Imperial Eyes [S3E17]

Through Imperial Eyes is Agent Kallus’ first Rebels Episode.  He may not get many more. 


Ezra,  undercover as a bounty hunter, gets captured by the Empire as an attempt to rescue Agent Kallus – Fulcrum – from The Empire.  However, Kallus is called by Thrawn and Colonel Yularen to be investigated as potentially being Fulcrum.  In order to not be detected, he improves as cover, using Lieutenant List as a patsy who he sets up to be found out to be Fulfrum.  He decides not to go with the Rebel rescue team.  However, he is discovered when Thrawn determines that Ezra’s paint markings on his bounty hunter helmet must have been done by Sabine Wren, identifying himself as Ezra Bridger – someone Kallus knew well.  In the end, Thrawn and Yularen know Kallus is Fulrum and are plotting how they can use this to serve the Empire.


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This was a really fun episode.   It was a fantastic cat and mouse game with grave circumstances for the Rebellion.  Though being discovered by Thrawn and Yularen as Fulcrum would be devastating for Kallus, being used by Thrawn and Yularen would be a disaster for the broader Rebellion.

A great and important story element that this episode highlighted was that the Rebels and Ezra would go to such risk to rescue Kallus when they don’t entirely trust him.  And that Kallus wasn’t entirely trusting of the Rebels either.  This underscores much of the dysfunction shown in Rogue One and brings an added dimension to the back story of the Rebel Alliance.


My favorite surprise was seeing the other Imperial commanders who had been thwarted by the Rebels being led away from Yularen’s interrogation with rather unpleasant faces.

This episode raises the question as to what will be in store for Kallus and will he make it to season 4.




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