Legacy of Mandalore [S3E16]

The Legacy of Mandalore had several interesting plot points that points to far more than just this story.


Sabine returns to her homeworld accompanied by Kanan, Ezra, Fenn Rau, and Chopper.  After being attacked, she confronts her mother, Ursa, that she now possesses the Dark Saber.  Ursa Wren contacts Gar Saxon, betraying her daughter and her friends, and hands over the Dark Saber to Saxon.  However, Saxon double-crosses Ursa and attempts to kill the members of Clan Wren.  After some covert actions by Fenn Rau, the ghost crew helps Clan Wren fight back.  During the attack, Sabine defeats Gar Saxon and reclaims the Dark Saber, though not killing Saxon.  To protect her daughter, and reclaim her family’s honor, Ursa kills Gar Saxon, an act that will surely lead Mandalore into chaos.



This episode was one of the best of Season 3 and has several surprises.  We see first hand some of the challenging dynamics affecting Clan Wren and Mandalore in general.  We also get to see that Sabine’s family’s betrayal of her was more of an act of self-preservation, needing to maintain their family name rather than being attacked by the other houses.  Sabine’s leaving ultimately saved her life.  Her return will cause complication.

I couldn’t help but feel as though this episode was a set up for another series.  We already have a Game-of-Thrones-esque political intrigue with the Mandaloreans.  Why couldn’t we get a whole series?

I personally doubt this, though not strongly (if we can get a 13-episode Lego Star Wars series, then why not?).  Its an interesting story and they left us many tid-bits about what such a series could hold.  Sabine’s father is captive on Mandalore.  Gar Saxon’s death will bring a power vacuum.  Sabine does not want to lead Mandalore, but wants to find the person who will.  There’s a lot there to cover and even a short-run series would be fun.

This episode takes on new meaning if watched in conjunction with Out of Darkness from Season 1.  This episode – where Sabine and Hera are trapped at the abandoned Anaxess base and are attacked by Fiernoks – gave us our first glimpse into Sabine’s back story. Legacy of Mandalore really fills in the lines that are outlined in Out of Darkness.  We now know why she has/had such difficulty trusting the clandestine nature of working with the Rebellion.  Her experience being manipulated by the Empire to create a weapon used against her own people is certainly a reason to make her be cautious and unwilling to just trust blindly.



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