What we know about the Han Solo Film

We’ve got enough info on the Han Solo film to start to think more about what the film could entail.

Working Title: Red Cup


Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo

Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian

Woody Harrelson as Unknown “mentor” character

Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Unknown character

Thandie Newton as Unknown character

Emilia Clarke as Unknown character

Michael K. Williams as Unknown character

There are lots of questions regarding who these actors will portray. But perhaps the most important (to Star Wars fans) is if Joonas Suotamo will be playing Chewbacca.  Alden Ehrenreich made the comment to Variety last year:


“He’s as much younger as I am in the film,” he joked. “So, I think he’s like 190 — or something — years old. I don’t think there’s a huge growth spurt for him from 190 to 210, so he’s probably about the same height.”

To a conspiracy theorist, this is absolute proof that Joonas (3 inches shorter than Peter Mayhew) will be playing Chewie.  But to a normal person, this doesn’t say anything at all.  So we’ll see.

[UPDATED] Joonas is in!


Writers & Directors

Writers: Jon Kasdan, Lawrence Kasdan

Directors: Phil Lord, Chris Miller (21 Jump Street; 22 Jump Street)



It’s really not clear what story we’ll get.  But there’s perhaps a short list of Han, Chewie, and Lando related stories that may be in the pot:

  • The Kessel Run… whatever that is.
  • Han “wins” the Millenium Falcon “fair and square”.
  • And some double-cross that Han pulls on Lando which would make his arrival at Cloud City a gutsy move.
  • Dumping his Jabba The Hutt’s smuggled goods when confronted by the Imperials.
  • Some interactions with Greedo or Boba Fett.
  • Maybe some interactions with The Irving Boys or Duchane.

This is a nice list to start with.

From a tone standpoint, it’s not quite clear what we could get.  I expect something action packed and funny.  But if it’s as terribly assembled as 22 Jump Street (though generally well written but kind of a dumb uninteresting story) I’ll be pretty disappointed.

The addition of Woody Harrelson as some kind of mentor character for Han is also interesting.  Could it be a similar role to Michael Rooker’s character Yondu Udonta from Guardians of the Galaxy?  That would be interesting, albeit repetitive.

We have no idea what roles the other named cast members will play. But it’s hard to imagine that there won’t be a love interest involved.  Might we see a Sana Solo?  Might we see this character from the edited scenes from A New Hope:



All in all, we don’t really know