The Last Jedi

We finally learn the name of Episode VIII.  And it’s too tantalizing not to speculate. 

Who exactly is the last Jedi?  Or perhaps the question should be asked “who exactly ARE the last Jedi”?  The Star Wars fan community is swooning over the potential implications having the second film in these new sequels with such a name.  Is it Rey?  Is it Luke?

C’mon, let’s not be dense here.  The first film was all about finding Luke Skywalker.  Yoda’s dying words to Luke included “When gone am I, the last of the Jedi will you be.”  So this title clearly reflects on Luke’s presence in the film.

But could it also be Rey?  Maybe.  That’s kind of what we expect isn’t it?  Rey trained by Luke to be a Jedi.  So… sure.

And the title card is red. Just like Return of the Jedi.  What does that mean?

We’ll find out soon enough.