Who’s Sabine’s Mom?

One lingering question from Trials of the Darksaber is… who’s Sabine’s Mom?

Though a previous press release, Bo Katan will be appearing on Star Wars Rebels.  However, odds are that she’s not Sabine’s mother.

Rook Kast

After a tad bit of digging, I suspect Rook Kast from the Son of Dathomir comic.  In this storyline, Rook Kast and Gar Saxon (already seen in Rebels) help Maul to escape the Spire where he was imprisoned by Count Dooku.  Kast, ultimately sides with Maul to rule Mandalore and opposed Bo Katan’s forces who resisted.  This seems consistent with the storyline we learn in Trials of the Darksaber and Imperial Supercommandos.  She even resembles Sabine a bit.


Her father would seem to be another mystery.  It’s not Maul.  It doesn’t seem like it would be Gar Saxon.  Rook Kast probably has a high bar to meet for a mate, but not so high that they wouldn’t abandon their daughter in favor of supporting an oppressive government.  So… not sure who that could be just yet.