Trials of the Darksaber [S3E15]

Sabine confronts her past in this magnificent episode.


After Kanan learns of the Darksaber from Fenn Rao, The Ghost crew collectively asks Sabine to use it to take over House Visla on Mandalore.  They want her to gather them to support their invasion of Lothal.  In preparation for being challenged for leadership, Sabine learns to use the Darksaber from Kanan.  Her training is  muted from her internal conflict and Kanan’s unwillingness to let her fail in her training.  It is only through confessing what torments her about her past that she is able to truly embrace her abilities in using the Darksaber.



This is the Sabine story we’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the Series.  We finally learn of her backstory with her parents, with Mandalore, and why she left.  She made weapons for the Empire that were ultimately used on other Mandaloreans. When she spoke out against the Empire, her family abandoned her.

Her back story, thus far, gives us a great deal of information on how she ended up with the Ghost crew and why she keeps to herself.  She has shown herself to be a fearsome fighter, but also reclusive.  We see the pain that her history has caused her.  It is only through her admission / confession that she is able to embrace the opportunity put before her.

Tar Visla

Kanan also gets to have his Master Po (form the Kung Fu series) moments.  We see Kanan as a great instructor – very much unlike what we saw early in Season 1 when he was instructing Ezra.  Even Ezra showed himself as a good teacher – a positive reflection on Kanan.

Though I’m a proponent of using wood sticks for training, using them as a crutch for Kanan was an interesting dynamic.  We see the Kanan is only able to really engage with her when he lets her per herself at (perceived) risk by training with the Dark Saber.

One of my favorite elements of this episode is learning more about light sabers and how they work.  We reconcile why the Original Trilogy actors were told to fight as though light sabers had real weight, with the athletic fighting style of the Prequel-era Jedi.  We learn the connection between the saber wielder and the energy that manifests the blade.



“Your family is in a prison; one of their own making.”

“Your thoughts,  your actions… they become energy.  They flow through the crystal as well and become a part of the blade.”

“The Empire wanted to destroy worlds.  And they did.  They destroyed mine.”


Remaining questions:

Did Bendu speak with Sabine?

What weapons did Sabine help construct that were used against Mandalore?  Were any of them related to the Death Star?

How does a light saber held by a user who was not selected by the kyber crystal inside process the user’s energy?






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