Warhead: Star Wars Rebels [S3E14]

We get a fun, Zeb-centered episode this week that could be the prelude to some exciting upcoming episodes.


The Empire dispatches hundreds of Infiltrator droids in hopes of discovering the location of the Rebels secret base. Zeb, left in charge of Chopper Base, discovers a one of these Infiltrator droids deactivated. He, AP-5, and Chopper reactivate the droid in order to aid in recatelogging the base’s inventory.  Fulcrum (Kallus) notifies Chopper base that one of the droids didn’t check in, Zeb figures out that his found droid is one of the Imperial droids.

The Droid, however, is heavily armed and causes chaos on the base.  By working together, Zeb, AP-5, and Chopper deactivate the droid and execute a plan to return it to the Empire and rigged to detonate its proton warhead upon arrival.  They succeed, taking out a Star Destroyer in the process.  However, this explosion gives Grand Admiral Thrawn more information on where the Rebels could be hiding, narrowing his search to just 94 planets.

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This was a really fun episode with a lot of action.  We get to see more Zeb in action as well.  We see his ability to create plans on the fly  as well as fight hand-to-hand.  It was also cool to see such an interesting Imperial droid.

One Step Closer

While the primary story is a bit of a filler action story, the end result indicates that Thrawn is closer to finding the Rebels and attacking them at their base.  This is an important plot movement that highlights how precarious the Rebels existance is.  Zeb had to choose to either destroy the droid (which would alert the Empire to their presence) or send it back and narrow down the options



Kallus is Fulcrum

If there were questions whether Kallus in Fulcrum, this episode should put that to rest.


Throw back to Predator


Perhaps the most interesting call-back is to the count-down clock for the Infiltrator droid resembling that of the explosive device from Predator.

The droid also is shown to cannibalize other droids for its own uses to repair itself leaving behind dead bodies – very similar Predator’s killing.






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