What could a Star Wars Netflix Series Be About?

We’re half way through Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels and we already know that Dave Filoni is working on new Star Wars Animated project.  There have also been talks about a live action Star Wars series for years.  But what could they be about?

A series can take many formats.  A multi-season format in the vein of The Clone Wars and Rebels has interest.  A short 13 episode series in the vein of Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (though not necessarily oriented towards children) could also be interesting.  There are perhaps lots of ideas that could be implemented in many different ways.  Here are just a few that I think would be interesting.


Ahsoka and Black Sun (Animated or Live)


My biggest gripe about EK Johnston’s Ahsoka novel is that she glosses over a section of time when she is interferring with the criminal operations of underworld organization Black Sun.  How could we miss out on something so tantalizing!  It would be great to get even a short series – animated or Live action – detailing some of these adventures.

The easiest way to do such a project would be as an animated series.  A Live action series is also compelling but raises questions on how Ahsoka would be handled.  I’m positive they could find an actress to play her, but there are, frankly, very few who could do it.  I’d want a martial arts actress in this role and it’s not quite clear that someone with both the martial arts capabilities and the acting chops.  No one has figured out how to clone Michelle Yeoh yet but there may be a great candidate out there just waiting to be discovered.


Vader Hunts Down Jedi (Animated)

In Episode III we see Vader raid the Jedi temple with the 501st Clone Battalian.  But we don’t know what he did about the Jedi who were off-world.  It would be great to get a series detailing how Vader hunted down the remaining Jedi after the events of Order 66.  How did Vader find them.  How did he confront them.  How did he kill them?  After seeing his fight scene in Rogue One, I’m very interested in seeing more.

A live action version would certainly be great, but it would probably be incredibly costly to do it properly (with CGI and all the support efforts for Vader).  So Animated might be a safer bet.  A Japanese anime version could be very interesting an unique.

I also think that we should try and move away from the original trilogy and prequel eras.  The universe in the Sequel/ First Order era is very interesting and will be the future of Star Wars.  So it would be interesting to get some additional stories in this era as well.


Vader/Emperor/Sith Relics

We see how revered Darth Vader is to Kylo Ren.  It would stand to reason that Kylo isn’t the only one interested in Vader either. In fact, Chuck Wendig details in both Aftermath and Aftermath:Life Debt vignettes where devotees to Darth Vader work to acquire his relics.

So I’d be interesting to see a character – Kylo Ren; a Dr. Afra-type Archaeologist; a force sensitive person – seek out relics left throughout the galaxy by Vader… or the Emperor or other Sith relics.  The closes we’ve gotten to this have always been interesting.  The Lando Comic touches on this theme a bit as does the season 2 finale of Rebels.   I’d like to get some more of this.


Knights of Ren

It would be interesting to get a short series dedicated to the Knights of Ren.  There isn’t a lot out there about them – though I’m sure the Star Wars Story Group has an outline already.  So it would be interesting to get some grounding into their origins and why they matter for the Star Wars story.


Church of the Force

Lyra Erso. Copyright Lucasfilm.

It might be interesting to get a story surrounding the Church of the Force around the time of The First Order.  We’ve gotten tastes of Force-spiritual characters in current projects – Sienna from Lost Stars; Chirrut Imwe in Rogue One; Lyra Erso from Catalyst and Rogue One;   Lor San Tekka from The Force Awakens fits this as well and was part of the Church of the Force.   It would be awesome to get a story with all of these characters (or ones like them) together.  What is their perspective on the universe and how they deal with the fight against the dark side?  How do they handle a galaxy devoid of Jedi?  How do they think of balancing the Force?