Ghosts of Geonosis: Star Wars Rebels [S3E12,S3E13]

Ghosts of Geonosis introduces Saw Gerrera to the Ghost Crew.  But he’s not the only familiar character.


The Ghost crew head to Geonosis to locate the Rebel team led by Saw Gerrera who recently went missing.  The search team – Chopper, Ezra, Kanan, and Rex go looking for Saw and are ambushed by a troop of Battle Droids and Droid Deka’s.  Saw Gerrera saves the team when they are pinned down.  After finding Saw, The crew quickly identify a lone Geonosian (“Klik Klak”) who was responsible for trapping (and killing) Saw’s crew. He also knew what the Empire was building there (though the Ghost crew was unable to understand his explanation).

Ezra, Saw, Kanan, and Rex have the captured Geonosian take him back to his home where they are able to contact the Ghost.  An Imperial cruiser discovers the Ghost crew and Geonosis and sends in bombers and an a team of Jet-pack wearing Rocket Troopers.  The Ghost heads into a deep tunnel to rescue Ezra, Kanan, Chopper, Rex, Saw, an hte captured Geonosian when it is attacked by the Storm troopers.  During this trip, Saw attempt to take Klik-Klak captive and steal the Phantom2 to take him for questioning.  The imperial attack cuts this short. The Ghost is forced down into the bottom of a long shaft to hide. There, they find the poison gas canisters used by the Empire to kill off the population.  The Imperial cruiser attempts to seal the Rebels inside the tunnel.  Hera, however, pilots them out of the hole and destroys the cruiser.  Unfortunately they are unable to bring the canisters back to the Rebellion (and the Senate) to prove the Empire’s activities (but manage to score a functioning shield generator).

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This was a great episode that showed a lot of different aspects of each of our characters.  We see Sabine take out half of the jet-pack wearing Storm Troopers.  We see Hera maneuver the Ghost down a narrow shaft.  We see Saw Gerrera take out a team of battle droids and destroyers (not to mention the surface destroyers).  We see Kanan jump across a wide chasm after having force held a bridge so that Rex and Saw could get across.  We see everyone contribute to the mission and see the team respond to challenges when they arose.

This episode also show how our Ghost crew handles internal disagreements.  There were several critical decision points through the mission.  It was interesting to see that they decided them democratically rather than autocratically.  Saw seemed to prefer autocratic decision-making, especially when he was going to take Klik-Klak and hijack the Phantom 2 yet he was persuaded by the Rebels’ insistence that he’d be no better than The Empire.

This was a very ‘small story’ episode focusing on just a few characters, but with significant implications for the Rebellion.  It was fantastically structured and had a lot of great personal moments.


Favorite quips:

“I’ll just call you Klik-Klak” ~ Ezra

“I always forget they can do that.” ~ Saw Gerrera

“Yeah, but he’s no Skywalker.” ~ Rex

“Stupid sand… gets everywhere.” ~ Sabine



C3PO would have come in real handy in speaking Geonocian.

Kanan’s abilities have significantly developed through his blindness.  His calm and sensibilities are also very noticeable.  I just wish, though, he could have been more calmly confrontational with Saw on the Ghost though.  Blasters don’t mean much when you can pull them from their hands; or if you’re pressed up against the ceiling unable to move (a la The Grand Inquisitor in Season 1).

How exactly did those canisters fall off?  We’ve seen them carry all types of other things, but not the canisters?

I might have appreciated Sabine taken the Phantom 2 down that shaft and picked up the team underground.  That would have helped a lot.



Is that Captain Sloan in that cruiser? [Updated: No.  It’s Captain Brunson.  Thanks for trolling us Dave Filoni]


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We see a new imperial cruiser captain who resembles to description of Captain / Grand Admiral Sloan from A New Dawn and the Aftermath series.  It may not be Sloan which would also be great (it means there’s another black female Imperial Captain running around).   Sloan did have some contact with Kanan and Hera so I’d presume that the vision of the Ghost would have engendered a more familiar response.


Saw Gerrera has no hair and has no breathing apparatus.  So when does all that happen?

Saw Gerrera was a visually very interesting character in Rogue One.  I had read a rumor that was an interesting head cannon: that Saw Gerrera needed his breathing apparatus because of the poison on Geonosis.  He also still has both of his feet intact.    I would have liked to have seen something like that that would have told us a bit more about Saw’s state in Rogue One.


Where did the rest of the Empire’s Equipment go?

We saw significant Imperial infrastructure in orbit around Geonosis in season 2 (“The Honorable Ones”).  Why would they move it in the first place?  The obvious answer is that the Empire will stop at nothing to keep the Death Star a secret (as its presence would be a scandal in the Senate).  It might also be to not draw any attention to the genocide on Geonosis.

But is there another reason?


Was that *the* shield generator?

Was that the same shield generator that ends up on Hoth?


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