What can the Han Solo Film Give Us?

I’ve been a bit skeptical about there being a Han Solo spin-off film.  We’ve already seen so much of Han.  But when you think about it, there are really great stories in Han’s past that we don’t know about.  So what might we get in this film?  

Rogue One has set the tone for what an Anthology film can be – for better or for worse.  The Han Solo film is the next one-off film.  Knowing how Rogue One has been crafted, we could we get from Han Solo?

We don’t know much about the forthcoming, but it does seem like it’s got some great ingredients.  Alden Ehrenreich has been cast as Han Solo.  Donald Glover has been cast as Lando Calrissian.  These actors are a great place to start.  But what else might we see?

My greatest hope for a Han Solo stand-alone film is for it to make me think and feel differently about the various Han Solo moments that are referenced throughout the original trilogy.  Here’s a few tidbits:

“It’s the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.” ~ Han Solo, A New Hope

“I’ve outrun Imperial Starships.  Not the local bulk cruisers mind you, I’m talking about the big Corilliean ships now…” ~ Han Solo, A New Hope

“He has little use for smugglers who drop their shipments at the first sign of an Imperial Cruiser.” ~ Greedo, A New Hope

“Even I get boarded sometimes.” ~ Han Solo, A New Hope

“Well that was a long time ago, I’m sure he’s forgotten about that.” ~ Han Solo to Chewbacca, The Empire Strikes Back

“You got a lot of guts coming here… after what you pulled.” ~ Lando, The Empire Strikes Back

“What have you done to my ship?” ~ Lando, TESB

“Your ship? Hey, you lost her to me fair and square.” ~ Han, TESB

Like all Star Wars prequels, their stories are strongly defined by moments such as these.   These all paint an exciting framework for Han Solo to engage in some very interesting adventures.  But there’s a lot more that a Han Solo film can get us.


We certainly going to get some Lando, but it’s not really clear what his relationship will be with  Han.  Are they ride-or-die buddies?  Are they frenemies?  Do they compete with/against each other?  Is it complicated? That’s something that could make a very interesting relationship between these characters.  It would also be interesting to see what drove them to go their separate ways.  And how Han ended up with the Falcon.


The Empire

The Empire can also be expected to play a prominent role.  Smuggler’s like Han seem like they exist between the different powerful forces through the galaxy.  We can get a glimpse of how The Empire treats people like Han. As such, it would be very interesting to feature a very interesting imperial character.  Someone like Agent Kallus or Governor Price from Rebels might be interesting cross-over characters (having a crossover character Saw Gerrera in Rogue One could set this tone for spin-off films).  My personal favorite would be for  Captain Sloane from the A New Dawn, Lost Stars, and Aftermath novels.  She has appeared in the most canon novels and has established herself as a formidable enemy.    This is also a great opportunity to feature a female villain in a Star Wars film which we really haven’t seen before (Captain Phasma has to-date been a let-down).


Bounty Hunters

We’ve seen a lot (too much?) 0f Boba Fett and crew. We also know how a Greedo meets his end.  These two characters would be an interesting element to this film.  We don’t really know how Han knows Boba Fett and we don’t really know if Greedo was really threatening or just some kind of clown (Han didn’t seem to perturbed by him when he pointed his blaster at his chest).

It might be an interesting opportunity to see characters such as Katsu Onyo (and a younger Sabine Wren?) as bounty hunters.   She would also make a fantastic crossover character.



Crime Lords

We’ve seen Han’s trouble’s with Jabba the Hutt in The Original Trilogy.  I’m kind of done with that.  There are many other crime syndicates in the galaxy (The Force Awakens even gave us two more).  Rebels and The Clone Wars (and the EU to be fair) brought us Black Sun, a large criminal organization that could also potentially serve as a powerful backdrop and contrast to The Empire.



The Force Awakens gave us a small glimpse into the world of smugglers.  We heard names like “Duquene”, “The Irving Boys”, and others.  It would be nice to experience some more individuals in this underworld of characters.  Duquene would be a great option as it could potentially connect with The Force Awakens and articulate a character who perhaps serves as a life-line rival to Han.  I could imagine Duquene as a Belloch-like character from Raiders of the Lost Ark – a shadowy reflection of Han Solo.


A Love Interest

It’s almost heresy, but it seems reasonable that Han should have a love interest.  It would be even better if that love interest ends up robbing and/or betraying him.  We see Han Solo with a female companion in an uncut version of the Cantina Scene.  We also know Emilia Clark from Game of Thrones was cast.  We don’t know from what role, but a dangerous love interest for Han would seem to be an important role.  (Clark could also be cast as an Imperial or a bounty hunter or something – that would be cool too).



The Kessel Ru

It would be almost unthinkable that the 12-parsec Kessel run isn’t featured prominently in this film.  It’s almost a given.  But uh… what exactly is the Kessel run and why is it so revered by smugglers?  And how did Han Solo accomplish that feat?  Did he cheat?




And of course, we need to see Chewie.  We already have a lot of story options here – perhaps too many.  It may be too much to see where Han meets Chewie, but it would be a fantastic moment.  It’s high up there in probability of inclusion in the film.  But it’s ok if it’s not.  Chewie has to be there though.


The Falcon

Somehow, the Millenium Falcon has to play a role.  The ship as a long list of “owners” who, for some reason, crave such a piece of junk – especially after said Kessel run.   It has to be in there.


We could get something really fantastic in this Han Solo spinoff film.  There’s a lot of storyline options that would make for a very exciting, funny, heart-filled adventure.  It would make a great contrast to the grit of Rogue One and the fantasy of the Saga films.