The Crawl That Should Have Started Rogue One

One of the controversies surrounding Rogue One was whether it would have an opening crawl (the descriptive paragraphs present at the start of every Star Wars Episode film).  Rogue One didn’t have one.  Not everyone was ok with this.  On the one hand, Lucasfilm was trying to do something different from the Saga films.  The opening crawl is something that they wanted to be just for the episodes.

Of course, they also wanted Darth Vader and Storm Troopers – things also specifically related to Star Wars Sagas.  So not everyone liked this crawl-less spinoff.

Rogue One, unlike the Saga films, showed us visually what a crawl should be. We see a confrontation between Galen Erso and Director Krennic.  We see Jyn rescued by Saw Gerrera.  We also see Cassian get intel that the Empire is creating a superweapon.  These earliest scenes in the film really set the stage for its remainder.  So what should a crawl even say?

Well, a crawl typically gives the audience some kind of positioning on what’s going on withn the Universe as it pertains to the characters themselves.  It sets up what the stakes are and what is happening at the very start of the film.

Rogue One, I think, would have a very unique crawl.  Below is my attempt at one:


The EMPEROR wields unlimited power over the galaxy.  The Galactic Senate is helpless.  Only a small alliance of freedom fighters has amassed a fledgling REBELLION to oppose his tyranny.

Unknown to anyone, the Emperor has been secretly building an ultimate WEAPON with enough destructive power to make his reign of terror permanent.  

Galen Erso, the scientist with the knowledge needed to complete the this ultimate weapon, has gone into hiding. Desperate to gain the Emperor’s favor, Imperial Director Krennic is searching for Galen to coerce him to finish his work.


So if something like this kicked of Rogue One, would we feel any differently about it?  Tell me: