Can We Talk about How Strange Vader Looked In Rogue One? [Updated]

Vader looked pretty terrible strange in Rogue One.  This is kind of a problem.

Vader’s helmet didn’t look like it was on properly.


His neck stuck out.  It looks like a Halloween costume.  This is just awful.  This image is from one of the critical scenes in the film.  And there’s his neck sticking out far from his chest.

[Update] But this shot is from the trailer.  The final version isn’t this extreme. But it’s not great either -it still looks loose/strange.


It’s clear that Lucasfilm was doing their due diligence in trying to make Vader look true to A New Hope. The problem is, Vader’s look was inconsistent in A New Hope.

Here he is on the Tantive IV:


He clearly has a chain holding his cape that goes over his neck.  And note that his helmet isn’t sticking out several inches and fits closely with the rest of his body.


Here he is in the Death Star board room:


And here he is on the Death Star preparing to torture Leia:

Copyright Lucasfilm

Look at that well-fitting helmet.   It’s clear here that the cape is tucked under his helmet/neck.  This seems to be the look they chose to emulate for Rogue One.  This also seems like an oversight as the chain-over-neck look is closest to the events at the end of Rogue One (but… they made a reasonable choice).   Be that as it may, we should also note that his neck/helmet isn’t sticking out.  This looks “right” – not just historically, but visually.



Rogue One is really a visually rich and deep film.  Frankly, I think it may rank up there with The Phantom Menace in quality of wardrobes.  We saw great care taken for everyone’s look and costume.  The creatures were exquisite.  So it’s really unbelievable that Vader… the most iconic character in all of Star Wars – could be presented with less than the greatest care so terribly.  It was really jarring.  I can only hope that Lucasfilm takes it upon themselves to make this better for the Rogue One BluRay.