None of These Trailer Shots Were in Rogue One

The Rogue One trailers were fantastic.  But there was so much in them that didn’t actually make it to the film.

My guess is that the re-shoots they did for Rogue One were significant.  When comparing the finished film with what we saw in the trailers, one could surmise that a lot of the film’s plot elements were changed non-trivially.  The film was great so that seems like it was all for the betterment of the movie.

I don’t think these are spoilers as they actually don’t tell you anything about the film (again… the re-shoots obviously changed things). But if you’re still spoiler sensitive, you might want to skip here.  But if not… here’s the list:


While this scene happened, the “I Rebel” line wasn’t in it.  That’s too bad because this line has become a key phrase for general Star Wars publicity.


These rebel pilots were no where to be found. That’s a shame as this was, for me, the most interesting shot in the first Teaser.

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K-2SO does in fact mean well. But not in the final Rogue One.

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Jyn wasn’t led into the Yavin IV base with a slow walk through a hallway.

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We didn’t get this determined Saw Gerrera look.



We got just the right amount of Vader in Rogue One, but didn’t get these glimpses of him.  These were really intriguing shots of him that Gareth Edwards seemed particularly proud of.

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We didn’t see Krennic walking through this water.  I was really hoping we would though.


We also didn’t get this POWERful confrontation between Vader and Krennic.


We didn’t get this shot of the rebels running towards these walkers.  There’s some other questions raised by this film that I won’t mention here that makes more sense that it was left out.

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We didn’t get to see all of these really exciting views from the Rogue One trailers.  But Rogue One was a fantastic film with some mind-blowing scenes.  These scenes really aren’t missed at all.