What to expect in the second half of Season 3 of Rebels

Though criticized for having too many throw-away episodes, we have a lot to look forward to in the second half of Rebels Season 3.

The last two episodes of Season 3 (An Inside Man, Visions and Voices) left us in an interesting place for the mid-season break for both the Rebellion and Kanan and Ezra’s quest to destroy the Sith.

At the moment, we know the following:

  • Maul, Ezra, and Kanan know/suspect Obiwan Kenobi is alive on a planet with Twin Suns.  Ezra and Kanan also know they need to prevent Maul from finding him.
  • The Empire is working on an advanced Fighter with shields, hyperdrive, and advanced weapons.  This could be a significant threat to the Rebellion (but it could also be subterfuge by Thrawn).
  • The Rebels are Planning a Strike on the Imperial Factory on Lothal to prevent them from manufacturing this fighter.
  • Maul might know some of Ezra’s secrets.
  • Agent Kallus is Fulcrum and Thrawn might know.
  • Sabine has the darksaber and has introduced herself to the other Mandaloreans that are in League with the Empire.  Her mother is alive.


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There’s still a lot that we haven’t quite figured out yet:

  • How much intel does Thrawn have?  We’ve seen him collect information about our specific band of Rebels.  He certainly knows who Commander Sato is. The Mandaloreans at Concord Dawn knew about Phoenix Squadron’s movements so we can probably assume that Thrawn knows too. He also knows the approximate scale of Phoenix Squadron’s fleet.  But does he know about General Dodonna’s group or any other squadron?  Is he planning an attack on Atollon?
  • How does Thrawn know Commander Sato?
  • What’s going on at Geonosis (we kinda know, but don’t exactly know)?
  • Who exactly is Sabine’s mother and what should we do about her?
  • We still don’t know if there’s a larger significance to Lothal.  Minister Tua died to keep that a secret – I have a hard time believing it was over a secret Imperial fighter program.


And from a Star Wars storytelling standpoint, why are they going to such lengths to introduce Satine, Maul, and Kenobi into a storyline?  Could we see some convergence of what happened in the throne room on Mandalore when Maul killed Satine in front of Kenobi?

In any case, we have a lot more questions that will be incredibly exciting to see in upcoming episodes.