Star Wars Rebels: Visions and Voices [S3E11]

The mid-season finale of Star Wars Rebels, Visions and Voices, gives us another chapter in Ezra’s interactions with Maul.


Maul cajoles Ezra to come with him (to Dathomir) to help him reconcile their experiences with the joined holocrons.  Using night sister magic, Maul and Ezra identify that both of their objectives involve Obiwan Kenobi who is, presumably, on a desert planet with twin suns. Maul, however, fails to note that the payment for using the night sister magic is flesh and blood for the night sister ghosts.

Kanan and Sabine follow Ezra to Dathomir in and are summarily possesed by the night sister ghosts and attack Maul and Ezra.  Maul escapes and is put off when Ezra refuses to join him as his apprentice.  Ezra, using some subterfuge is able to free Sabine & Kanan from the Night Sister ghosts, destroy their alter (the source of their power), and escape.


Maul’s presence on Atollon (Chopper Base)

Maul connects with Ezra by terrorizing him with visions of himself.  Ezra, taken aback by his visions, is nearly induced into killing a Rebel pilot.  What’s most interesting is that Ezra’s visions are specifically created by Maul, giving an indication that he thinks this is the proper way to get Ezra’s attention (very Sith-like which was great).

It’s also interesting to hear how Maul knew where Ezra was.  Apparently he retained some information from Ezra after they joined the holocrons – did Ezra retain information from Maul, including the identity of the Emperor?  This is also how he’s able to manipulate Ezra and Kanan by threatening to tell the Empire the location of their base (this seems a bit of an empty threat – who would believe Maul?).



I think my favorite line of this episode is Bendu’s response to Ezra and Kanan’s question when he says “Ah ha I see… that’s not good.”  It’s also interesting that Bendu disappeared immediately and that Maul did not respond to Bendu.  One would think that Maul would find Bendu to be a source of power that would be a threat to him or of service to him. It’s hard to imagine that Maul would just ignore him.  Did Maul not see Bendu?


Maul’s Lair

Copyright LucasfilmThe only thing missing from Maul’s lair on Dathomir is “Laces Out” written all over the walls.  It seems to indicate that he’s a bit unhinged and desperate to understand his experience with the joined holocrons.  It’s also an interesting trove of stuff.  We see his scratching of “Kenobi” on his wall – written in Mandalorean; there’s the collage of Dutchess Satine; there’s a battle droid head; and many more nicknacks.

His lair also indicates that Maul is running out of options on how to find his peace.


Rebuffed Maul

Maul attempts to get Ezra to abandon his (possessed) friends and come with him as his apprentice.  Ezra flat out rejects him.  Maul’s response is what’s most telling. He seems honestly hurt that Ezra wouldn’t join him on his journey “as brothers”.  He also states maliciously “you disappoint me”. Yet Maul doesn’t destroy Phantom 2 when he takes off in his ship.  That’s also pretty interesting.


Sabine Gets the Darksaber

Copyright Lucasfilm

The last shots of the episode are of Sabine picking up the Dark Saber.   It’s not entirely clear that she knows what it is – as Maul had suggested. She seems more considered in her response to it – not a response that says ‘this will make me powerful’ but rather ‘this could be important’.

This episode was certainly one of the best episodes of Rebels thus far.  It was able to resurrect the Night Sister storyline briefly but also further this story between Maul/Kanan/Ezra.




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