What to Read / Watch before Rogue One

Rogue One is getting great early impressions thus far.  But like everything else in Star Wars, there’s a lot of back story.  So here’s where you can get some great back story on various elements in Rogue One.

Here’s what you should cram the in the week before Rogue One.


Catalyst by James Luceno

Prequel novel to the Rogue One film detailing the history between Galen Erso and Orsin Krennic


Crystal Crisis on Utapau – The Clone Wars (Season 6 unfinished)

Obiwan and Anakin uncover a plot on utapau involving pirates trying to sell an enormous Kyber Crystal to Count Dooku, presumably to power a superweapon.  These episodes were not finished before The Clone Wars series was abruptly ended, but were released as Animatics.


Younglings – The Clone Wars [S5E6]

Ahsoka and Master Yoda help Jedi younglights find their Kyber Crystals on Ilum.


Onderon Arc – The Clone Wars [S5E2-E5]

The Jedi train rebels on Onderon to resist the Separatists who have commandeered their planet.


The Honorable Ones – Star Wars Rebels [S2E17]

Zeb and Agent Kallus crash land on a moon of Geonosis.  They identify that something large was under construction in its orbit and that the planet’s population has been decimated.


Breaking Ranks – Star Wars Rebels [S1E6]

Ezra goes undercover at the Imperial academy on Lothal in order to find information about the shipment of a Kyber Crystal.