How many planets will we see in Rogue One?

All of the Rogue One trailers, TV spots, and special reels show some very different environments.  Exactly how many planets are there?

Though Star Wars is considered this great Space Opera, we tend to see very few planets as settings.  In ANH, we only see 3 or 4 planets (Tatooine, Yavin IV, the Death Star, Alderaan*).  In ESB we only see three (Hoth, Bespin, Degobah).  Episode III featured three main planets (Coruscant,  Utapau, Mustafar), and many others during the Order 66 scenes including Kashyyyk.

Rogue One could prominently feature several more.




From Catalyst, we learn that Galen, Lyra, and Jyn Erso escaped The Empire and hid on desolate Lah’mu.  To our knowledge, only Saw Gerrera knows about their presence there.




Jedha is an ancient spiritual home for the Jedi and followers of the Force.  It is also, apparently, under imperial control.


Yavin IV


Yavin IV is home to the Rebels’ secret base.   The same base we see in Episode IV.  And it’s still awesome.




We’ve been told that Skarif is where the ground battle (and seemingly the space battle as well) take place.  But it’s not quite clear what it’s importance is.  It may be where the Death Star plans are.  It may be where a final component of its construction is being kept.  It may be where Galen Erso is being kept (though we haven’t seen any sign of Galen in any shots, thankfully).


Eadu (sp?)


In an episode of The Star Wars Show, Director Gareth Edwards discusses shooting “on a planet called ‘Eadu’ (“ee-doo”)”.  We’ve seen spots of this planet in trailers as well.  We don’t know


The Death Star


Technically, it’s just a small moon. But the Death Star is it’s own place.  In this case, it’s not clear that we actually go onto the Death Star.  But we are at least around the Death Star as it’s being completed.


And maybe there’s more.  Could we see Coruscant? (I doubt it).  Onderon (maybe but also doubt it).  Geonosis (also doubt it, especially after the The Honorable Ones episode last season).  Who knows.