Rebels: The Wynkahthu Job [S3E9]

We get a great heist story featuring Hondo and Azmorigan.

The Ghost crew, at Ezra’s encouragement, partners with Hondo & Azmorigan to retreive weapons from an abandoned Imperial transport ship that is slowly falling into a planetary storm.  Though Hondo wasn’t completely truthful about the parameters of the mission, things take a turn when sentry droids are activated and begin to capture/attack the crew.  The crew, Hondo, and Azmorigan manage to escape by the skin of their teeth – without their treasure.  But the Ghost crew managed to get the weapons they were after.


This is a really fun episode.  We got Hondo bickering with Azmorigan; Azmorigan digging in his ear and wiping the residue on the wall; Hondo making inappropriate blind comments around Kanan; all in one scene. It’s a great representation of how an interesting story can be set up and completed in just 23 minutes.  But it also feels a bit tangential to the broader rebellion and Jedi/Sith story.

It’s not a throw away episode though.  The characterization that the Empire would bother to rob valuables from various worlds and simply let it fall into the  hands of a 2-bit smuggler or run it into a planet.  It seems to articulate that both Hondo and Azmorigan were in similar straights.  The last we saw Azmorigan, he had a ship and a crew and was somewhat formitable.  We now see him as being bickering over any little scrap.  This, we assume, is due to the repression that the Empire has been having on the underworld.

The more interesting character dynamic was Ezra’s response to having Zeb lead that mission.  This should have been a rather comfortable spot for Ezra but he takes it rather personally.  Through the episode, we see how (mostly) well Zeb manages the situation – his focus enabling him to get all the weapons the Rebels needed.  But we also get to see Ezra make some rather impulsive decisions.  Not being in charge also enabled him to see Hondo’s true character – that he has no real friends.

My only real complaint is that this episode needed to better feature the droid centuries (obviously taken from Dark Troopers from Star Wars Dark Forces).  he century droids that are activated by the invading Rebels were seemingly random, but otherwise awesome.

Or… we rather than Dark Troopers, we could have had K-2SO droids.  This would have been mind-blowing as it would have created a bit of back-drop of that character before we see it in Rogue One.



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