Rebels: Iron Squadron [S3E8]

Iron Squadron gave us some rebel kids.

Synopsis: A group of younglings calling themselves the Iron Squadron, led by Commander Sato’s estranged nephew is fighting the empire’s patrol ships who are slowly taking control of their homeworld.  The ghost crew works to save this team from additional imperial engagement and bring Sato’s nephew home.  Thrawn dispatches Admiral Konstantine in a single cruiser to respond.  After a harrowing rescue, the ghost crew manages to bring the younglings back to their base.

This episode was a bit lacking in breadth and insight.  It was fun to see a YT-2400 freighter – the same model used by Dash Rendar in Shadows of the Empire.  But that’s about it.  Usually, with these character-focused episodes there’s a plot element that traces back to the broader Empire vs Rebellion narrative.

The only morsel we get is Thrawn’s response to the rather minor counter strikes by the Iron Squadron was to send Admiral Konstantine to respond. What we might take from this is Thrawn attempting to test Konstantine in a trial by fire.  He wanted to see how the ghost crew would respond militarily with a single cruiser – particularly if Commander Sato would arrive.  In this case, he got his answer.

Thrawn, perhaps, also got valuable information about Commander Sato’s family by his personal response to this distressed group.  Their brief interchange at the end of the episode seem to imply that they knew each other some how.

Maybe Sato’s son is Force sensitive (in the vein of a Kyp Durron).  Maybe this group of Rebels plays a key role in a future episode.  Or maybe they disappear like Rider Azadi.

So there might be something to this episode.  But it’s certainly hard to be satisfied from just this tidbit.



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