Questions about Bendu

Bendu is perhaps one of the more interesting characters presented on Star Wars Rebels. But, like any good Star Wars character, he raises more questions.

When we first meet Bendu, he says that “he’s the one in the middle” of the Jedi and the Sith (Ashla and Bogan Force users).  He serves more as an oracle for Kanan to seek out when needed. But it’s not clear what being in the “middle” really means.

For me, the Jedi and Sith aren’t really opposites.  If the Sith are defined by their emotions and fear, then the Jedi aren’t unemotional and fearless.  They are passive.  If the Sith seek power, shouldn’t the Jedi be, say, seeking obscurity?

So I’m not exactly sure what being in the “middle” means.  What we’ve observed from Bendu is that he(?) seems comfortable with whatever the outcome of things are.  He broke Kanan’s thumper and led him to face the spiders – a potential threat.  His teaching was effective, but certainly dangerous.

It seems that Bendu is an entity that is comfortable with whatever happens in life – constructive or destructive.  Get eaten by giant spiders? “Such is the way of things.”

It’s really hard to gauge Bendu and his objectives (if any).  I like him as an Oracle character, but it begs questions about his background.  What species is he?  Are there more of them?  How did he end up on Atollon?

It’s probably safe to say that Bendu is very old and very unique.  He’s really interesting and unique character and I’m excited to see how he effects Kanan and Ezra.


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