Rebels: Imperial Super Commandos [S3E7]

We get another dose of Mandalorian lore in the latest episode of Rebels.


Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper take Fenn Rau back to Concord Dawn to investigate why communications have been lost.  Betrayed by Rau, Ezra and Sabine are incapacitated while he lands to investigate.  Upon landing, the Rebels learn that Concord Dawn has been attacked by Mandalorian Imperials, led by Gar Saxon.  Sabine and Ezra are eventually captured by Gar and his team while Rau escapes. Ezra and Sabine fight back and are saved when Rau has a change of heart and returns for them.  In the end, Rau commits himself to joining the Rebellion.



One of the things I like the most about Rebels – and what I think is most misunderstood – is that it tells us about the overarching story arc of the Rebellion vs the Empire indirectly.  In this episode we learn that the Mandalorians are working for the Empire.  We also learn that they know of the Rebels passage through Concord Dawn and chose not to attack them there (sounds very much like Thrawn).  They knew who Sabine is and her family.  They did *not* know who Ezra Bridger was.

We’re also reintroduced to Gar Saxon – an opportunistic  Mandalorian who sided with Maul during his taking over Mandalore (see Son of Dathomir comic).  He remains at-large and it’s really not clear who he works for exactly.  Odds are though, Saxon is working for Thrawn / Governor Price.  I’m also guessing he is the current owner of a certain Dark Saber.

Sabine also got a jet pack in this episode (even if it was shot at the end).  She must be really good with one – she had no issues flying with it once she had it.

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