Rebels: The Last Battle (S3E6)

This was a great episode.


Rex, Kanan, Ezra, Chopper, and Zeb investigate an old separatist outpost to search for munitions are captured by a Separatist Droid battalion.  The Super Tactical droid forces them into a war game to settle how the Clone Wars were to really end.  While Kanan and the crew defeat the battle droids, Ezra creates a resolution for everyone reasoning that The Empire is the only winner from the Clone Wars. The Empire, intercepting Chopper’s distress signal, sends troops to investigate.  The Ghost crew joins forces with the droids to escape the Empire’s attack.



This was an interesting episode for all of the different topics that it addresses.  We learn more about Rex and his feelings about not winning The Clone War.  We learn that after Order 66, the Droids were just shut down, but it wasn’t clear by how or by who (despite the 23% likelihood that the Clone Army would have won).  Ezra’s question as to who won the Clone War when both Clones and Droids weren’t meant to  win was a very important one.  We haven’t had anyone in Star Wars ask about this issue.

This is also an interesting episode as it provides an example to Ezra of how challenging The Clone Wars were and give him more insight into both Rex and Kanan’s experiences.  Both of them have very defined and deeply personal perspectives on the War.  Ezra doesn’t share their experiences and brings a different perspective to them both.  It seems to have played a role in the story’s resolution.  But it may also ultimately bring Ezra closer to Rex and Kanan.

This episode also seemed like as much of an olive branch that the Lucasfilm crew are willing to make to the masses who want The Clone Wars series to be continued or finished properly.   There were comments suggesting “the Clone Wars didn’t end the way I wanted them to” and “you’ve ended The Clone Wars”.  This seems like a direct commentary to The ‘Bring back the Clone Wars’ individuals though I doubt it would be accepted as a meaningful finish.


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