Questions from that Rogue One Trailer

The Rogue One trailer raises more questions than it answers.

The second Rogue One trailer was fantastic. But Star Wars often provokes more questions than it answers.


‘Rogue One’ isn’t their call sign – so who is it?

If you notice in the shots where they note the call sign “Rogue One”, there’s something a bit strange.  K-2SO says someone was requesting a call sign and then Bode (Riz Ahmed) said “Rogue… Rogue One” as though he was hearing it over the radio.  Those lines seem disjointed (who would be asking them for a call sign and then giving them a call sign?).  Those two lines also look like they come from two separate scenes.  So it would seem to me that “Rogue One” may be another ship/crew and refer to someone else.   So who could that be?

Couple guesses:

  1. I’m wrong and it’s really their ship.
  2. A ship with Galen Erso that they need to intercept to find him.
  3. Code name for The Tantive IV – Princess Leia’s ship.  In the Trailer we’re really seeing Bode learn the call sign of the ship to whom they are to  beam the Death Star plans.

I’m hoping for #3.  That would make the title of the film far more epic and really connect Rogue One to the rest of Star Wars.

Update – The International trailer seems to make it clear Rogue One is the Rebel team.  That’s still cool though.

How Much Vader Will We See?

We only saw a very few shots of Vader.  They were so fast you could barely tell it was moving.  But they were there.  So how much Vader will we see in Rogue One?

Not much, I don’t think, and that’s great.  If you’ll recall, Vader only appears in A New Hope for 11 minutes.  That’s all it took to make him a cultural icon.  So we may only get, say, 6 minutes of Vader and it might just blow our minds. I hope.


Do we learn of The Emperor Dissolving the Galactic Senate?


In Episode 4, we hear Tarkin tell the rest of the Imperial leaders that The Emperor has dissolved the Galactic Senate “Permanently”.  In the second Trailer, we hear Mon Motha (presumably) say “Our rebellion is all that remains to push back the Empire.”  Is this an indication that the events of Rogue One coincide with the dissolution of the Senate?

I’d say that’s a fair bet.  Rogue One seems to take place immediately before Episode 4.  So the timing seems right.  It would also explain why Bail Organa, Mon Mothma (both Senators) and others were assembled at Yavin base having their round table discussion about the Death Star.


Who built that fallen Jedi Statue?

Copyright Lucasfilm2016-10-13-7

We may not find the answer to this one, but it’s still really cool.  It’s very similar to ones we’ve seen in The Clone Wars as well.  So it’s a very nice touch.

More importantly, though, this statue – along with the notion of Jedah being a holy place for the Jedi – raise many more questions about the history of the Jedi and their meaning to the rest of the galaxy.   Understanding this relationship – what followers such as Lor San Tekka and Cirrut Imwe see and understand about the Jedi – will provide a valueable context into their failings as seen in Eps 1-3.


About those re-shoots

So how much of this film was impacted by the re-shoots?

Looking at the Teaser trailer and the two subsequent trailers, seemingly a lot.  I suspect that most of what we see in the Teaser won’t end up in the film (this shouldn’t be controversial – a lot of the shoots of the trailers for The Force Awakens trailers didn’t make it to the final film either).

The Teaser has such a different emotional feel than in the same scenes in this last Trailer that it seems that a lot of that must have been re-done.  I also suspect some other scenes were added, such as the round table with all of the dignitaries around it.

We won’t know for sure until December.