Star Wars Novel Release Dates

We’re getting a lot of great new Star Wars novels in the coming months.  Here’s an updated schedule for which ones are being released.

Upcoming Releases

Title Author Release Date
Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel James Luceno November 15, 2016
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Alexander Freed December 16, 2016
Aftermath: Empire’s End Chuck Wendig February 21, 2017
Thrawn Timothy Zahn April 11, 2017


Previous Releases

Title Review Author Release Date
Ahsoka  Coming EK Johnston October 11, 2016
Bloodline (Mild Spoilers) Claudia Gray May 3, 2016
Aftermath: Life Debt (Mild Spoilers) Chuck Wendig July 12, 2016
Aftermath: Journey to the Force Awakens Review Chuck Wendig September 4, 2015
Star Wars: Lost Stars Review Claudia Gray September 4, 2015
Dark Disciple (Mild Spoilers) Christie Golden July 7, 2015
Lords of the Sith (Mild Spoilers) Paul Kemp April 28, 2015
Tarkin Review James Luceno November 4, 2014
A New Dawn Review John Jackson Miller September 2, 2014






Previous Releases