There’s a lot in that Rogue One Trailer

The second official Trailer for Rogue One dropped today.  And it’s awesome. 


There’s a lot to see in this Rogue One trailer.

A scene similar to A New Hope

This shot of the Erso homestead is very reminiscent of shots of Luke on Tatooine.



Jyn in Jail

This is the shot that really stuck with me.  It’s simplicity still tells a very significant story.  The jail door patter is the same style as the lighting on the Death Star and Star Destroyers (and Starkiller base).  There’s an alien in the bed next to her. There’s a Storm Trooper guarding the hallway.  It’s a fantastic visual that tells a lot about the setting.



Who’s this Walking?

Best guess / hope is that it’s Grand Moff Tarkin.  That would just take this film to the next level.

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Jeddha is Target

The screen on the Death Star seems to have the populated pleateau on Jeddha in its crosshairs.  This might explain the planetary explosions (though not outright destruction) that we see in this and the previous trailer.deathstarjeddhatarget



Rebels Round Table

We get to see a fantastic meeting of the minds in this shot of the Rebels around their planning table.  In a scene more reminiscent of The Force Awakens, we see General Dodonna, Mon Mothma, Jyn, Bode, Cassian, some pilots, and the guy I think/hope/pray is Agent Kallus.

2016-10-13-41 rebels_table_deathstar


Fallen Jedi Statue

As Justin Bolger mentions on The Star Wars Show, this fallen Jedi statue (buried in sand) on Jedda has great symbolism.  It represents the current state of the Universe – the Jedi have fallen and their memory is fading from the galaxy.



Vader isn’t on a mercy mission

We only get a few little glimpses of Vader and it’s clear that he’s not there to make friends.

vader_rogueone-2Copyright Lucasfilm